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Get ready to build robots with these 35+ robotics project ideas for engineering enthusiasts. I’ve compiled a list of the most popular robotics tutorials on the blog with the goal of helping you find your next project to build. These projects cover a wide range of topics featuring Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

Arduino is an open-source microcontroller that can be used to create a variety of hardware-software devices. Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer featuring an array of Inputs and Output (I/O) pins that can be used to develop hardware prototypes running off of a Linux system.

Throughout this article, you’ll gain access to a growing list of 35+ robotics projects spanning topics in robotics, cool projects, and even Home Automation.

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Mobile Robots with Arduino

Learn how to build a mobile robot without any experience using this five-part tutorial series. If you’re more interested in an online course, check out our Build Arduino Robots course.

Robotics Tutorials for Beginners and Engineering Enthusiasts

Mobile Robot 1: What parts to buy when building a robot
Mobile Robot 2: Assembly and Setup
Mobile Robot 3: Drivetrains, Datasheets, and Programming
Mobile Robot 4: Line Following with IR Sensors
Mobile Robot 5: Configure Ultrasonic Sensors to Avoid Objects

Arduino Robot Project Ideas

Already build your Arduino robot? Here are some robotics project ideas you can do for fun or as a student project.

light following arduino robot using photoresistors

  1. Light Following Mobile Robot
  2. Tele-op Control with a TV Remote
  3. Tele-op Control with a Bluetooth Keyboard
  4. Create a Robotic Tank
  5. Add an LCD to your Mobile Robot
  6. Smartphone-Controlled Bluetooth Robot
  7. Intermediate Arduino Robotics Projects
Featured Project: WiFi Controlled Robot

How-To Guides for Robotics

Sometimes you just need to learn how to do something. That’s what these guides are for. Learn how to write an Arduino program. Configure your Raspberry Pi. Find our most popular how-to tutorials here.

NodeMCU project using Arduino

  1. Four Steps to Writing an Arduino Program
  2. Get started with NodeMCU (ESP8266)
  3. Merge Two Arduino Sketches Together
  4. Program Pan/Tilt Servos
  5. Assemble Pan/Tilt Servos
  6. Power Your Arduino Mobile Robot with Batteries
  7. Properly Use and Wire a Breadboard
  8. Write an Arduino Program
  9. Visualize Data using the Arduino Serial Monitor & Plotter
  10. Configure an OLED Display with Arduino Tutorial
  11. Setup the BME280 Sensor with Arduino Tutorial
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Home Automation with Arduino

Create home automation projects with Arduino, ESP8266 (NodeMCU), and Raspberry Pi. Find our growing list of projects and develop your own Smart Home!

NodeMCU IoT relay circuit project ideas

  1. 3 Home Automation Projects using Relays
  2. Arduino with IFTTT for IoT Projects
  3. Configure Node-RED & Wemos D1 Mini
  4. NodeMCU, dweet.io, & Freeboard.io Tutorial for IoT
  5. How to use Dweet.io with Wemos D1 Mini
  6. Create a database for IoT using dweet.io
  7. Google Assistant & ESP8266 Tutorial
Tip: I recommend this Arduino kit if you’re just getting started in Home Automation.

Motor Controller Configuration for Robots

If you’re working with robots, you must learn how to control motors. These guides will show you how to wire and program a motor controller using the most popular Arduino and Raspberry Pi controllers.

Arduino Motor Controller for Robotics Projects

Tutorial 1: How to Program the L298N with Arduino
Tutorial 2: Wire Motor Controller for Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Raspberry Pi Projects & Tutorials

Here are our most popular Raspberry Pi Projects and Tutorials for Engineers and Students.

raspberry pi project ideas for robotics

  1. Video Streaming Raspberry Pi Robot & Camera
  2. Build a Twitter Bot with Raspberry Pi
  3. How to Get Started with Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins
  4. Connect to Raspberry Pi without a Monitor
  5. Raspberry Pi Node-RED Programming Tutorial
Tip: Check out this Raspberry Pi kit for your next project!

Holiday Robotics Projects

Decorate your home with these Arduino Holiday Project ideas.

Animated Skull using Arduino Halloween Project

  1. Animated Scary Skull
  2. Twitching Eyeball Pumpkin
  3. Hanukkah Menorah

Cool Arduino Project Ideas

Our cool Arduino projects ideas will have you controlling mechanisms with your face, creating robots without coding, and making a weather station without sensors. Give these project ideas a try!

Face Tracking OpenCV

  1. Arduino Random LED Generator using Arduino Uno
  2. Simple Weather Station Without Sensors
  3. How to Record a Push Button Sequence with Arduino
  4. Robot Line Follower without Arduino or a Controller
  5. Simple & Smart Robotic Arm Using Arduino

Fusion 360 Tutorials for Beginners

These tutorials will teach you how to design your own custom Industrial robot arm using Fusion 360.

create exploded view in animation workspace

Fusion 360 Part 1: Create a Robot Base
Fusion 360 Part 2: Draw the motor mount
Fusion 360 Part 3: Generate Drawings in Fusion 360
Fusion 360 Part 4: Make an Assembly using Components
Fusion 360 Part 5: Prepare your drawings for Manufacturing

Industrial Robotics and Manufacturing Tutorials

These tutorials will prepare you for a career in automation, controls, and industrial robots.

how to wire a prox sensor to a PLC diagram

  1. What’s the difference between PNP and NPN?
  2. Beginner PLC’s with Ladder Logic
  3. Two tools for Manufacturing

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