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Today's post is going to be a bit shorter because I've created a video walk-through that explains the how-to's. So if you're a visual learner, you're in luck!

Visualize Data using the Arduino IDE

I've been working on projects lately where data visualization is very important. So, as curious as I am, I wanted to find a way to easily record and visualize data without having to install 3rd-party software, use an Ethernet or Wifi shield, or write some sort of python code to query and plot my data. Then, I found out about the Arduino Serial Plotter. The majority of you are probably familiar with the Serial Monitor, which allows us to display data on our computer from the Arduino using print statements. Well, it turns out that the Serial Monitor has a brother, called the Serial Plotter. And let me tell you, it's wicked cool. You don't need anythin…

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Visualize Data using the Arduino IDE

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