Arduino vs Raspberry Pi for Robotics

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi cover

Are you team Arduino or Team Raspberry Pi? In this article, find out which controller you should use for your next robotics project and why you should use it. Read on!

What’s New and Exciting? Summer 2019

New at Learn Robotics Summer 2019

Learn what’s new at Learn Robotics for Summer 2019. From Website Redesign to Liz’s coffee addiction, to the announcement of our very own Global Competition. Find out more in this article!

What’s New & Exciting? March 2019 Edition

Learn Robotics what's new march 2019

It seems like each month we keep getting better, and I really have no one to thank but you! So thank you! Go give yourself a nice little pat on the back. And if you landed on this page expecting a robotics tutorial, sorry to disappoint. The purpose of these what’s new & exciting articles is to […]

Make an Autonomous Robot Tank with HC-SR04 Sensor

robot tank ultrasonic sensor

The epitome of robotics is obstacle detection and avoidance. With a simple HC-SR04 sensor, you can detect objects with using ultrasonic waves (sound). In this project, we will use the HC-SR04 sensor and write software for our Robot Tank to avoid obstacles. We’ll make it a bit more complex by utilizing a servo motor to […]

How to Build a Robot Line Follower without a Controller

Line Following Robot no programming

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a simple line follower robot. Normally these type of robots use microcontrollers and complex logic to track and follow line. But today I will be showing you how you can make a simple line follower without a microcontroller. Before we start making the robot, let’s […]

How to Get Started with Meet Edison Robots

Program Meet Edison Robot Scratch

Did you inherit or pick up a Meet Edison Robot? No? Maybe you want to get yours here. Or, maybe not… (don’t buy one!) But, for those of you who have a robot and can’t figure out how to get it working, this article is for you! I decided to put together a “crash-course” for programming […]

What the Future of Robotics Looks Like [Interview]

superincrediblebot instagram

Welcome to the Robotics Thought Leaders Series! If you are new here, this is a series where I interview people in the robotics and automation space, and share their technical insight. If you’d like to be considered for our next article in the series, please fill out an application here. You can also find all the […]

Best Black Friday Deals for Robotics

Black Friday Robotics Deals

It’s the most hectic time of the year. If you’re in the US, you’re coming off of a massive food coma. If not, then you’re thinking towards the winter holidays. Black Friday is here, and we wanted to share with you the BEST deals in Robotics. That means, if you have an interest in technology, […]