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Designed to help Everyone Gain Technical Skills

Robotics is challenging, but we can help. Learn Robotics was founded to help people gain robotics, automation, and engineering skills.
how to learn robotics at home due to Coronavirus COVID-19

our mission

Help 1 Million People Build Their First Robots

Our Mission: We believe that by equipping people with the resources needed to gain technical skills, we can help 1 million people build their first robots.

our vision

Equip People with the Right Tools to Succeed in Robotics

Our Vision: Empower people with the tools they need to gain robotics, coding, and electronics skills to prepare them for the hi-tech 21st Century workforce.

Learn Robotics Online Robotics Courses for Beginners in Middle High school and adults
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Improve and Innovate the way Robotics is Taught and Learned

Our Experience: Provide a clear roadmap for individual learners and organizational partners to make robotics training programs easy to launch, sustain, and grow.

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Robotics Training Options for Everyone

There are many ways to get started in robotics. That’s why we’ve compiled the best resources across multiple channels to pique your interest and expand your experience with robotics.

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Designed for Individuals looking for guided activities to expand their robotics skills on a flexible schedule.

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Start your robotics journey by building! Use our free online articles and project tutorials as a launching point!

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Founded by Robotics Engineers for Future Robotics Engineers

Let me tell you a secret.

I ended up in robotics by accident.

As one of the smart kids, you’re told you can be one of 3 things: a Doctor, a Lawyer, or an Engineer. Sound familiar?

I couldn’t become a doctor because I didn’t like blood. And, engineering is for men, right? So, my only option was to become a Lawyer. At 16, I had it all figured out. I was going to go to Yale Law School.

Then I walked by a flyer for a weekend robotics club.

And it completely changed the trajectory of my life and career.

I never made it to law school; however, over the past decade I’ve had the awesome opportunity to earn my Degree in Robotics Engineering, travel the world and work on all sorts of robots: humanoids, drones, industrial arms, autonomous control systems, and so much more.

I created Learn Robotics to help you start your robotics journey. No matter where you’re at, we have something to help you learn, engage, and gain hands-on robotics skills.

Don’t get me wrong, robotics is a tough subject but with a little patience, and the right resources, I invite you to embrace the challenge, explore technology, and Learn Robotics with us!

Liz Miller

Founder & CEO, Learn Robotics


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