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Robotics is challenging, but we can help

Learn Robotics is a turnkey robotics program for learning anywhere.

We believe that by equipping people with the resources needed to gain technical skills, we can help 1 million people build their first robots.

About Learn Robotics Programs
It all started in this conference room in Indianapolis

Our journey began in 2017

It’s crazy to think we started one snowy February with a few weekend robotics workshops. Over time, our original courses have been translated and optimized for online learning, digital guides, and hundreds of reviews, tutorials, and articles.

STEM activities and robotics classes you can take from home remotely
We're crazy about robots & helping people.

Who We Are

Learn Robotics is a growing community of individuals, students, teachers, parents, makers, hackers, and engineers.

We know learning new things can be intimidating, challenging, and awkward. And, let’s face it. Robotics is a REALLY TOUGH subject. But it doesn’t have to be.

Our growing community is here for you—the person just getting started who needs a little extra motivation.

Together, we are Learn Robotics.

Join us on our path!

Our Tools Make Robotics Fun

There are a ton of people who are crazy about technology but don’t feel like they have the tools or resources to get started.

We want to bridge the gap between everyday technology and the skills needed to succeed in electronics, programming, and robotics.

If you want to write code, work on robots, and understand electronics, then you’re in the right spot.

Liz from Learn Robotics

Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer
Founder of Learn Robotics

Help 1 Million People
Learn Robotics

I created Learn Robotics because I wanted to help people gain hands-on technical skills, quickly, without feeling frustrated.

Our courses are carefully curated from years of Automation Engineering experience spanning top global organizations. Learn the key skills you need to know to be successful in your career.

You don’t need a fancy degree or a background in robotics to get started. You can use our tools start programming, wiring, and building working robots right away.

Welcome to Learn Robotics!

Liz Miller Robotics Engineering Experience
online Master's Degrees in Computer Science are Common. Student working on a computer program
We're on a first-name basis here.

With our Homegrown Vibe

No matter what you want to do, do it right.

Learn Robotics is a small business built on providing the BEST experience, customer service, and a strong work ethic. The ideas of “slacking off” or just “doing the minimum” are foreign to us. You can experience our “homegrown vibe,” dedication, and hard work in every one of our courses.

We work with you.

The Learn Robotics Difference

While there are a ton of options when it comes to learning skills in robotics, there aren’t a ton of resources that connect you directly with a robotics engineer while you’re working through the material.

When you work with Learn Robotics, you’re getting individualized instruction while learning at your own pace. Our synergistic teaching style allows you to watch the videos and work with our kit to build the same projects in real-time.

No matter if you’re a student, a teacher, a future engineer, or an adult, Learn Robotics is here to help!

how to learn robotics at home due to Coronavirus COVID-19

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