Hi, We're Learn Robotics

A robotics education company reinventing the way you learn tech.

Designed for Educators

Ideal for teachers, classrooms, & school districts

Applications in Engineering

Every lesson is related to Real Engineering

Unique Course Offerings

We're redefining what it means to teach STEM

Built on Passion & Frustration

Learn Robotics was built on the foundation of interactive lessons with a purpose. After spending years in the automation industry, I was frustrated that certain topics weren’t taught to me in school. Why didn’t classes include tangible skills that I could readily deploy as an engineer?

confused about STEM education

Transferring Engineering to the Classroom

Our courses have been crafted from those “darn, I wish I had known that“, moments experienced as engineers. It’s our mission to transfer knowledge from the factory to the classroom. It all starts with training the educators that already teach these classes.

Provide Context

Explain to educators what it’s like to work as an engineer on high-tech systems

Deploy the Missing Pieces

Use real engineering scenarios to fill in the gaps when teaching STEM-related topics

What Drives Us

Learn Robotics makes it EASY for ANYONE to develop REAL, tangible, technical skills.
We enjoy inspiring others to pick up a robot, learn to code, and wire up a prototype. Learn Robotics has your STEM needs covered.

Improve STEM Education

Our #1 priority is improving what is taught in STEM classes. We feel that there’s so much more that can be taught to better prepare the next generation workforce.

Offer Unique Curriculum

We pride ourselves on translating real applications into bite-sized lessons, courses, and projects. Gain real experience working with real hardware.

Provide Multiple Ways to Learn

Modern learning is dynamic. No matter if you like to work face-to-face or independently, we have programs to help you Learn Robotics!

Meet Your Instructor

Robotics & STEM Assembly Guest Speaker

Liz Miller

Robotics Engineer & Education Specialist

Liz has her degree in Robotics Engineering. With a wealth of experience in Controls & Automation for Manufacturing, Liz brings her creativity and passion for tech to the Learn Robotics blog. Learn Robotics is here to help high-performing individuals gain skills in robotics, electronics, and programming. Liz enjoys creating step-by-step tutorials, providing honest tech reviews, and sharing insight about her experience in automation. Say hi! Don’t be shy! Comment on a post, or find Liz on Social Media!

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