7 Unique Arduino Kits You Don’t Want to Miss!

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Do you ever find yourself randomly perusing Amazon or Bangood, or Gearbest looking for the next best project to work on? Are you the kind of person that has a collection of Arduino parts needs some inspiration? Welp, you’re in luck!

If you stumbled on this article, you’re probably curious about the most random Arduino kits you can buy. And, this article outlines the top 7 uniquely random project kits you can build with Arduino. They range from Arduino animals, to devices & widgets. This collection is far from the traditional mobile robot, but I think you’ll like these projects, nonetheless. Without further ado, let’s check out all these random Arduino kits!

Unique Arduino Kit #1 Program a Slithery Lizard

The SunFounder Arduino Robot Kit gives you all the parts you need to build a walking LIZARD. Yep. You read that one right! I think this project would be really fun for students who like reptiles to get into the world of electronics and programming.

Arduino Walking Lizard Unique Arduino Kit

The kit is pretty easy to assemble and program. It also includes an IR remote and IR line trackers so that you can control the robot both via teleop (manually) or autonomously. I think it’s pretty cool project that could easily tie into other STEAM courses.

Unique Arduino Kit #2 Let’s walk away

Arduino Hexapod Spider Unique KitNow, if reptiles aren’t your thing, then maybe you’re more into arachnids. While most spiders have 8 legs, this kit is a 6-legged Arduino Robot Hexapod.

I’m not a HUGE fan of spiders, so I think this is pretty creepy as is…

But… if you or your kids love SPIDERS, then this could be a GREAT primer to Arduino, servos, electronics, bluetooth communication, and autonomous control.

The kit also includes a wireless remote so you can walk the robot around. Could be a good feature for scaring your family, friends, or your dog! ?

You can grab your Arduino Hexapod on Amazon!

Unique Arduino Kit #3 Mini Humanoid

Mini Humanoid Micro:Bit KitLet’s take a quick break from the animal robots and explore this Arduino Humanoid robot kit. It uses the BBC Micro:Bit controller, which can run a variety of Arduino-like programming languages (and Scratch).

I like this kit because 1) it’s a cute robot and 2) you can program it wirelessly using the micro:bit App on iPads, iPhones, and Tablets.

It’s a good choice for younger students or beginners looking for a simpler kit to get started in humanoid robots.


Unique Arduino Kit #4 Walk SLOWLY like a SLOTHSloth Robot using Arduino Kit

Now, this project is very similar to the mini-humanoid robot, but it’s actually called a Dancing Sloth. It runs on the popular Arduino Nano microcontroller and includes support for both Scratch and Arduino programming.

I recommend checking out our guide on Getting Started with Arduino before trying out this kit, as it is not as intuitive as the mini humanoid kit.


Unique Arduino Kit #5 Swish and Flick

Have you ever wanted to feel like a wizard? Well this is the Unique Arduino project for you!

Swish and Flick Arduino Glove

This kit will help you build a Gesture-controlled Arduino Glove. Control any target with a flick of the wrist! This glove uses the Arduino Nano, and a 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope to create gesture-recognizable control.

Arduino Robotics Glove with Accelerometer and Gyroscope

If you’ve already built a mobile robot, you could create this robotic glove to drive it around with hand movements!

Unique Arduino Kit #6 Gamify your Soldering Skills

Know a Gamer who should spend more time learning tech or programming?

This MAKERbuino Soldering Kit will help you make an Arduino Game Console. It comes with all the hardware needed to solder up your own hand-held “gameboy.”

Makerbuino Arduino Gameboy kit

You will have to solder all the components to the included PCB. Everything you need (except the solder + soldering iron) is included to complete this project. The Arduino is pre-loaded with over 20+ games. It’s hackable, so you can add and modify games as you please!

MAKERbuino Gameboy kit using Arduino  MAKERbuino Gameboy kit using Arduino


Unique Arduino Kit #7 What’s the Weather?

If you’re fascinated by weather, then you can build your very own Arduino-based Weather Station. The OurWeather kit uses the ESP8266 chip and a variety of weather sensors to collect, transmit, and store real-time weather data. Includes readings for Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Gust, Rain, Outside Temperature & Humidity, and Barometric Pressure.

Weatherstation Kit for Arduino IoT

No soldering required! You can also tinker with the software to customize settings and processes. If you’re looking for a unique, but usable project for everyday enjoyment, then OurWeather kit is what I’d recommend checking out!

Robotics is more than Mobile Robots

A lot of times Arduino kits are limited to 2WD or 4WD mobile robot systems. But in this article, I wanted to share with you some of the unique Arduino robotics and electronics kits you can build. Robotics is such a wide field that there’s opportunity to automate many processes.

Check out some or all of these kits, and let me know what you think in the comments below! And if I missed something really unique, be sure to let me know on Social Media (Facebook / Instagram).

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