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Spring is in the air, and what better way to spend the weekend than working on a Home Automation project?! 

I scoured the internet and found three really cool projects (and accompanying tutorials) to get you started. I plan on completing some of these projects myself in the near future, so be on the lookout for an update to this article, soon! Oh, and all of these projects incorporate Arduino (ESP8266) and 5V relays. So if you’ve been looking for applications using RELAYS, here ya go! 🙂

Here’s what’s on deck for this week’s projects:

1. Build an Arduino Controlled Power Outlet 

2. Control & Monitor your Garage door with Arduino & Relays

3. Make an Irrigation System with Arduino + Relays

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Time to jump into it!

Photo Credit: Circuit Basics

Project #1

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Build an Arduino Controlled Power Outlet by Circuit Basics

This is a project I’ve been wanting to complete for awhile – and quite frankly, I’ll probably end up adding this project to the blog at some point. But for those of you who’ve been asking me about 5V relay projects, this is what I’d recommend taking a look at. All credit for this project goes to Circuit Basics. Feel free to check out the full tutorial on their blog here.

Read Full Article Here

Goal: Use a relay + Arduino to control a lamp plugged into a wall outlet.

In this project, rather than modify the lamp or device’s cable, we’re going to create a universal wall outlet controlled by the 5V relay and Arduino. It’s more practical to go one step closer to the source and switch the power at the outlet. That way you can use it for multiple devices without having to re-wire the relay or cut into the device’s power supply. If you’re looking for a project like this, then I recommend checking the full tutorial on the Circuit Basics website! 

Note: This project isn’t recommended for use on for high current-drawing appliances such as vacuum cleaners.

Materials List

Use this list to gather materials for your project!

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Additional Resources

I’ve also compiled some similar projects at the following links. Feel free to use these sites as well for additional resources and information!

Arduino Controlled Power Outlet by Electronics Hub

Controllable Power Outlet by SparkFun

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Project #2

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Control & Monitor your Garage Door with Arduino & Relays

This project is brought to you by Mike Mackes and Noah Mackes from Hackster.io. If you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your garage door opener, then this tutorial is for you!

Goal: Control & Monitor your garage door with ESP8266, openHAB, & a 5V Relay

The project consists of a ESP8266, 5V relay, power supply, resistors and LEDS.  The ESP8266 connects to your local WIFI and runs a small web server that responds to simple http GET/POST requests that will be sent to it via openHAB. The relay works just like your existing wired garage door switch to activate the opener except for it’s controlled over WIFI via the ESP8266. The LEDs are there to provide you status information. You can also 3D print a case to store your Garage Door opener electronics. More details can be found in the full write-up on Hackster.io.

Projects using Relays & Arduino for Home Automation
Projects using Relays & Arduino for Home Automation

Read Full Article Here

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Project #3

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Make an Irrigation System with Arduino + Relays

If you’re into gardening or like building devices for any & everything, here’s a classic example of using relays to create an automatic irrigation or watering system for plants. You can scale this system to work for watering lawns, gardens or single plants depending on your use case. I find this example to be pretty fascinating, so if you’re looking for an applied use for using Arduino and Relays, then this is definitely a project you’re going to want to check out!

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In this example project, we are going to make an automatic irrigation system that will sense the moisture of the soil and open or close the valve according to it. Read the full tutorial on the Maker Pro website, here. Additional Plant projects can be found on the Arduino Project Hub.

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