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Robotics Mentorship & Customized Career Coaching for Successful Engineers

Our Robotics Mentorship is designed for Busy, Engineers and Technical Professionals who want to transition their career into a robotics, automation, or AI specialty without having to "start over", get additional degrees, or take unnecessary certifications.

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We Match You with a Robotics Mentor to Supercharge Your Career to the Next Level

Specialize Your Career in Robotics Quickly with a Customized 12-week plan, Robotics Mentoring, and Career Coaching.

Interview Call

Meet with your Advisor in an Interview for Acceptance & Enrollment


Filter out unnecessary noice with direct guidance from Robotics Mentors.


Apply your Robotics Skills with an Internship to expand your Resume

Career Support

Speed up the job search with Mock Interviews & Offer Review

Why Choose Us

Our Programs Connect You with Robotics Experts & Industry Opportunities to Accelerate Your Career

Led by Robotics Engineers

Direct Mentorship & Office Hours Hosted Weekly by Industry Experts

Personalized Career Growth

Career & Executive Coaching for Mid-Senior Level Engineering Roles ($100,000+)

Robotics Internship

Gain hands-on experience in your Robotics Specialty with Feedback from Mentors

Engineer: Reinvent Your Tech Career with Robotics

Robotics Mentorship

Work with a Robotics Mentor to accelerate your Engineering Career to Mid-Senior-Level, Multi-6-Figure Opportunities.

Admissions & Enrollment Process

With Mentorship, you’re 4X more likely to hit your career milestones.

Our clients have received offers ranging from $80k-$400k, with the majority making their investment back once they sign on their new robotics role.

  • Today: Review this Page

    Watch the videos and review the program information on this page.

  • Tomorrow: Apply & Interview to Join

    Fill out an application. Meet for an Interview on Zoom with an Advisor. If accepted, you'll complete your registration paperwork to secure your spot.

  • This Week: Orientation & Onboarding

    Next, you'll meet your Learner Success Coach for Orientation and complete a Welcome Session into the program.

  • Next Week: Meet Your Robotics Mentor!

    You're now Active in our System and we will match you with your Robotics Mentor to build your personalized plan into the industry!

  • Month 1-2: Interviews & Offers

    Prepare for your new role in robotics with mock-interviews, offer negotiation, LinkedIn/Resume upgrades, and more. Stand out with the soft-skills that help professionals land high-level offers in robotics.

  • Month 2-3: Gain Experience in Robotics with an Internship

    Complete an 8-week Robotics Internship to help you transition into your new role in robotics. Work as a Robotics Engineering Intern on a Capstone Project to gain real-world experience in robotics.

  • 90-Days Later: Start Your New Robotics Career

    Graduate the program with a new career working in the robotics industry. Clients have received industry offers from $80k-$400k.


May 29th

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12 Weeks

Engineering Career Coaching & Focused Robotics Training


$17,500 $15,000*

*With Learn Robotics May Scholarship



with strong technical experience, ready to fast-track into Mid-Senior Roles

The Learn Robotics Difference

We're Career-Focused because we believe helping you advance your career is more valuable than a piece of paper.

Traditional Education Programs

Degree Program

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Mentorship Program

Uncover How We Guide Engineering Professionals to $130k-$400k Offers Working in Robotics

How Our Process Works

In this 12-minute training, find out:

Success Story: Contractor to Sr. Mechanical Engineer at an Automation Startup

How Steven Elevated His Mechanical Engineering Career with Robotics & Automation

“Liz worked with me by having mock interviews, which is important during the job search process. The accountability is what I needed. I have to stay focused and the calls helped. Actually, I feel like I owe you some more money, but we’ll work on that!” — Steven R.

Success Story: Cloud Infrastructure to Robotics Engineering

How Thant Elevated His Cloud/IT Career with Robotics & Automation

“I just want to reiterate the point that what I find very useful in this program is that being able to talk to an Expert like you, Liz, and check-in every week, and get my questions answered and look at positions together with you (Liz). And get very specific advice like whether these positions are right (for me). Some of these positions, like on my own, I would never even consider them. But having you say, as an expert, that these positions are right for me, that’s where the value is.” — Thant A.

Enrollment Options

This plan is for Experienced Engineers and is by application and interview only.

Not an Engineer? Click here to see our Beginner Robotics Certification.

Robotics Career Mentorship


*With Learn Robotics May Scholarship
Career Mentoring for Future Automation Leaders

100% Success Guarantee

We'll continue to mentor you, at no extra cost, if you don't land a new job in engineering in 90 days.

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