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About Learn Robotics

Founded in 2017, our passion has been to help individuals transition from robotics enthusiasts to robotics professionals.

We offer an Online Robotics Certification for Beginners and a Robotics Mentorship program for Engineers.

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Our Programs Connect You with Robotics Experts to Accelerate Your Career

Because we believe you should learn directly from professionals working in the Robotics & Engineering Industry.

  • Our Mission

    At Learn Robotics, our mission is to empower professionals and engineers to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of robotics, automation, and AI. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge training and mentorship that not only supercharges careers but also opens doors to high-value opportunities, enabling individuals to earn $100k+ and build a secure future for their families. By connecting our clients with industry experts, we ensure that our training reflects the current demands of the market, propelling them confidently into the forefront of the next wave of lucrative career opportunities.

  • Our Vision

    In the future, Learn Robotics envisions a decentralized approach to robotics and engineering education, led by industry experts instead of traditional educators. Guided by our core values, 'Career-First, Skills-Second,' 'Be Transparent,' 'Simplify Innovation,' and 'Standardize. Optimize. Automate.,' we aspire to revolutionize robotics training and professional development. We focus on leading with mentorships and personalized feedback to cultivate real-world expertise. Our legacy is to be at the forefront of the robotics industry, shaping a dynamic and impactful future for the upcoming wave of growth.

Our Values

This is what we stand for as a company.
Odds are if you agree with our beliefs, you'll love our programs.

Career First. Skills Second.

What good is the skill if it isn't used in the industry?

We train our clients and students based on what is relevant and necessary to be successful in a $100,000+ Robotics Career, TODAY.

Be Transparent

Having Clarity is Necessary for Success.

We strive to be honest, clear, concise, and transparent through our Admissions, Enrollment, and Training processes.

Simplify Innovation

Robotics is complex. Keep it simple, stupid.

Our job is to communicate effectively and simplify jargon to make it easy for our clients and graduates to apply concepts effectively.

Standardize. Optimize. Automate.

Not all processes should be automated.

We believe in designing solutions around the application. Our clients and graduates are taught to use tools based on technical requirements.

Why Choose Learn Robotics to Advance Your Career?

Choose our program for unmatched mentorship, tailored robotics expertise, and a proven track record of high-salary outcomes. Since 2017, we’ve personally helped thousands of students and clients make the move to specialize in robotics.

Led by Expert Robotics Engineers

Drawing from our firsthand experience in the robotics industry, we've meticulously curated a comprehensive and practical learning journey that helps beginners gain applied skills and experienced engineers specialize in robotics to advance their careers.

We're Here to Get You Career Results

We take pride in knowing each of our clients and students by name; we are actively engaged in answering questions, reviewing projects, and offering expert-led sessions to ensure personalized and immersive learning experiences that lead to lasting career growth.

Tangible Career Results: More $

Skills alone no longer define market distinction. In our program, you don’t just earn certificates; you craft real-world projects and harness the power of applied expertise, paving the way for job offers, internships, scholarships, career moves, and ultimately, a higher earning potential.

Founded by a Robotics Engineer

Meet Our Founder, Liz Miller, the Woman Pioneering Robotics Training & Professional Growth

Liz Miller Learn Robotics

Liz Miller

Founder/CEO @ LR



Academic Excellence

Graduating with distinction from WPI in Robotics Engineering, Liz didn’t stop there. She immersed herself in drone research at UPenn, learning under Dr. Vijay Kumar, and later inspired young minds as a Robotics Instructor at MIT.

Industry Leader

Raytheon recognized her flair, selecting her from scores for their elite Operations Leadership Program. Here, she shaped automation strategies, working shoulder-to-shoulder with industry giants.

Global Innovator

From showcasing robotic advancements at CES Las Vegas to securing the 2nd spot in a global Israeli hackathon, Liz's footprint is global. Her diverse engagements also saw her pioneering solar energy initiatives in Australia.

Learn Robotics' Origin

What started as a personal blog of her robotics journey evolved into LR – a testament to her mission of transforming casual learners into industry-ready professionals. Dive deeper, and you'll see her story isn't just about accolades. It's about a vision to empower the next wave of robotics enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators. Join us in this revolution.

Our Story

Believe it or not, Learn Robotics was started in 2017 as a blog – a space where our founder, Liz Miller, would document her intriguing forays into the world of robotics while working in Raytheon’s Operations Leadership Program. 

As the blog gained followers, the potential became clear. It wasn’t just about sharing knowledge; it was about structured learning, training, and mentorship. Thus, the blog transformed into a full-fledged training platform.

Our breakthrough came when educational institutions recognized our value. Soon, schools nationwide adopted our curriculum, accrediting it to national educational and CTE standards. We weren’t just another training program; we became synonymous with quality robotics education.

Yet, the journey didn’t stop. As the demand for specialized skills in robotics grew, Liz saw another gap – professionals looking to advance but lacking the right guidance. And so, the next chapter began: career consulting and professional advancement.

Today, we stand as a testament to evolution, always adapting, always forward-thinking. With roots in sharing knowledge, our branches now spread across providing top-tier education, ensuring professionals monetize their skills, and shaping the future leaders of robotics.

We’re more than a robotics training company. We’re here to help you advance your career and maximize your potential. Join us!

Monetize Your Technical Skills

The world of robotics is vast, dynamic, and full of opportunities. And the best time to grasp those opportunities is now.

Whether you’re an enthusiast eager to transform a hobby into a passion or a professional aiming to become an industry-leading expert, our tailored programs are designed to propel you to new heights. With state-of-the-art curriculum, insights from industry experts, and a thriving community, we offer the roadmap to your success in robotics.

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