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Our Story

Our Story

It starts with robots and ends with you.

Learn Robotics started as an idea to bring weekend community robotics classes to Downtown Indianapolis. It quickly grew into a website showcasing a variety of technical, educational, and career-oriented robotics articles. In 2017, Learn Robotics was officially formed in Atlanta, GA as an education consulting agency designed to help educators gain technical skills in STEM fields. Today, Learn Robotics has turned another corner, and is working to become the #1 Online Resource for Robotics eCourses. Our goal is provide you an affordable, accessible, and interactive way to build tangible, technical skills in robotics.

Our Values

Our Values

Interactive lessons to build tangible technical skills

We’re surrounded by such powerful technology, but majority of the population has no clue how it “really works.” Robots and People are our passion. Why not combine the two? The best way to help as many people as possible, is to create the best online library of robotics-related tech courses. These courses are designed to give you tangible technical skills that can be used for personal enrichment, professional development, and career advancement. We want to help you navigate the field of robotics and help you with your own journey.

Our Courses

Our Courses

Provide the BEST robotics courses online

Our courses are based around “doing” rather than “watching.” Every Learn Robotics course is designed with a project in mind. We think that the best way to learn is by building skills along the way. No two robots are the same, therefore, our courses prepare students to think critically, problem-solve, and use prior experiences to assess situations. Blast through the barriers of hardware-software problems with Learn Robotics courses. All of our courses are unique, entertaining, and educational, and align with National Education Standards (NGSS) to provide the highest quality educational experience.

Our Services

We develop robotics content to help people build tangible technical skills.


Our biggest goal is to build the BEST #1 online library of Robotics-related eCourses. Take a course from the comfort of your home, and let’s Learn Robotics, together!


Learn Robotics creates robotics curriculum for K-12 students and teachers. Our growing library of eCourses are aligned with National Standards in Education.


Need a robotics course or training for your after school program, district, or STEM seminar? We can help! Design your own custom training programs. Contact Us!

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