Start a Robotics Program without the Hassle

See why schools and districts choose Learn Robotics as their choice to start a robotics program. Bring robotics and high-tech education to your community. Inspire the next-generation of Scientists and Engineers.

In your demo, learn more about:

  • Unlimited Access to Learn Robotics Courses
  • Learn Robotics Kit + Course Learning Initiative
  • Interactive & on-demand video lessons
  • Autograded curriculum aligned to National Standards
  • How LR is for everyone (WCAG 2.1 AA, ADA)

Standards Aligned

Focused Learning Objectives

Gain Industry Skills

Project-based Lessons

No Experience Needed

Start a program, fast!

Move Technical Skills Forward

Learn and improve skills across coding, circuitry, critical thinking, and more. Taught by experts to help your students gain experience by doing.

learn robotics online curriculum

How to Start a Robotics Program, Faster

Our ready-made curriculum can be added to any new or existing program within a matter of weeks.

how to start a robotics program easily

Smart & Personalized Courses

Whether you have years of experience teaching robotics, or not, Learn Robotics courses can be personalized to your organization’s needs. Teach LR courses independently or as a supplement to your existing courses. We have the tools to help both new and experienced instructors.

how to start a robotics program easily
high school robotics curriculum for schools

A High-Tech Approach to Robotics

Students gain skills that will prepare them for careers in Science and Engineering. Every prototype and robot is built from the ground-up, exposing students to low-level components, coding from scratch, technical vocabulary, & industry challenges.

Your Strategic Learning Partner

Robotics is a challenging subject to offer – but it doesn’t have to be that way. From strategy to execution, we’re alongside you throughout your robotics journey.

Anyone can Learn Robotics

Our curriculum roadmap is always evolving to keep you current with modern technologies. No matter your background, we’ll provide a path to help move you forward.

Overcome Barriers for Teaching Robotics

Robotics is difficult to teach because it requires interdisciplinary skills. Our ready-made curriculum aligns with National Education Standards, making it easy for any organization to implement a robotics program. Regardless of whether you have a technical background!

Increase student learning outcomes

Every student has the opportunity to gain hands-on technical skills in a Learn Robotics course. Our curriculum allows both independent and collaborative components, ensuring that every student can build, wire, and program robots from scratch.

Gain tangible experience

Develop critical thinking habits. Robotics is a complex subject. Our courses provide techniques, vocabulary and industry language that helps students learn fundamentals while building a tangible project.

Train Your Staff

Instructor and Professional Training is included with Learn Robotics for Schools. We’ll meet with your staff virtually or on-site and provide interactive PD programs.

Start a Robotics Program with Ease

Our courses include everything you need to run a standards-driven robotics class without any prior experience. Power your school with Learn Robotics.

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