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The Beginner's Crash Course on Mobile Robots
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Robotics Engineer shows you how to build robots
the right way through previous failure and discover
the easy way to Gain Technical Skills FAST...

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My robotics career started with a big fat failure...

Hey there, I’m Liz and this is one of the first robots I built in high school. It was called the “Snowbot.”

Growing up in Northern Connecticut, we’d see a lot of snow each winter, and frankly, I HATED shoveling it. So, I decided to built a prototype robot that could plow it automatically.

And while most engineers won’t admit their failures, this robot failed, HARD.

A lot of schools teach robotics, but they fail to EXPLAIN how to take raw components and connect them together so that the robot WORKS

I had lots of excitement for this robot and plenty of drawings, all-nighters, and pots of coffee to get it working.

But, I never felt like I made any progress with it. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and “hoping” I’d find resources to explain mobile robots to me in an easy-to-process way.

The worst part, is I couldn’t even get the motors to turn on.

Fast-forward to today, and I have successfully finished my Bachelor of Science degree in Robotics Engineering and completed not one automation job, but two different types of roles in the Robotics Industry. I was recently in charge of Robotics & Automation Engineering for a $4MM production cell.

Pretty different than struggling in my parent’s basement trying to get motors to spin, right?!

Plus, I’ve been able to share my experiences with a growing following on Learn Robotics.

I want to help people like my high-school self, who are motivated, but struggling to get started with robotics. That’s why I created this online Robotics course.

It’s the Crash-Course on Mobile Robots that I wished I had when I was trying to get the Snowbot working. It will take you from knowing nothing (or very little) to building, wiring, and programming mobile robots. You don’t need any background in robotics to start and the lessons are compiled for you in an order that makes sense.

Go beyond a boring classroom and join the online Robotics eCourse. I have students in the course from all over the world. If there’s internet, and you have self-drive, then you can Learn Robotics with me.

And yes, I’ll even show you how to get the motors working! ?

Here's what other students are saying about our courses!

robotics eCourse review
robotics eCourse review
robotics eCourse review
robotics eCourse review

What you'll learn

Here at Learn Robotics, we're dedicated to helping you build tangible, technical skills in Robotics. This CRASH-COURSE is designed to bring beginner's up to speed with the fundamental concepts in mobile robots.

Skip the slow, boring, and expensive courses and
learn directly from a Robotics Engineer.

Understand Sensors

Robotics is interdisciplinary. If you find yourself confused about circuits and sensors, we can help you bust past the confusion.


Engineers know how to problem solve any challenge. We’ll teach you mechanisms for solving common problems in robotics.

Code Robots

Take your programming to the next level with scripting languages. We’ll teach you how to interface software with electronics.

Course Materials

This course uses the affordable Elegoo Smart Robot Car V3.
It includes everything you need to complete the lessons, projects, and activities!

Elegoo Mobile Robot Arduino Course

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Robotics eCourse?

Our Robotics eCourse is a 100% online robotics course expected to launch in January 2019. The goal of the Robotics eCourse is to take students from little or no experience to comfortable and confident working with circuits, sensors, programming, and robots.

If you have been dreaming about writing code for robots or electronic devices, have a reliable internet connection, and comprehend English, then this course is for you!

All participants will build a variety of robotics projects that they can demonstrate on a resume, portfolio or in their technical career. Students who score 80% or better in the course will earn a course certificate.

Is the Robotics eCourse for me?

Our Robotics eCourse is designed for individuals ages 10+ around the globe looking to get into the field of robotics. It’s an entry-level starting point for those who want to be successful with robotics without struggling at it on their own. If you like a great challenge, want to know the most important topics in robotics and apply them in a short amount of time, then this is a great fit. Go ahead and sign up!

I'm on the fence about this course. Why should I enroll?

We know that everyone has a budget they have to stick to, and ultimately the decision is yours as to whether you want to enroll or not. What we can tell you is that you’re not going to find a 6 week robotics class that includes as many projects, quizzes, certificates, and community as Learn Robotics has to offer.

You can also schedule 1:1 office hours with our instructors to have any and all of your questions answered. It’s a service we like to provide because we know the material is complex.

If you’re planning on applying to college, working in technology/engineering, or teaching these concepts, you can expect to see a direct return on this course. The course will give you hands-on practice with electronics, circuits, programming, and robots, which are skills that are highly sought after in Industry. Say hello to a future raise! ?

I want to give this course as a gift. Is that allowed?

Yes! You may purchase enrollment for a family member or friend. Upon check out, make sure that you include the recipient’s email address. We will not notify them of your purchase. The email address will be used to create their login account when the course goes live. We will also email you a printable gift certificate so that you can present the gift to your recipient.

Do I need anything to take the class? (materials, kits, etc.)

In order to view the course, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection. All students must purchase a robotics kit to complete the in-class assignments and projects.

How long is the course?

6 weeks. We find that most students finish within 4 weeks if they dedicate 1-hour to the course every weekday.

Why don't you offer Lifetime access?

Because we want you to finish the course. It’s our way to make you accountable.

How many times have you enrolled in a “lifetime course” and actually took all of the modules in a timely manner?

We want to put you in a position to be successful, that’s why we cap the course at 6 weeks. Our curriculum is designed so that most students finish in 4 weeks and have an extra 2 weeks to review or rewatch lessons, as needed.

How do I view the class?

We will send a login to the email address provided during registration when the course goes live in January. You will use this login account to access and view all the course lessons, assignments, and quizzes.

What is the benefit taking the Robotics eCourse?

Unlike other online courses, our Robotics eCourse includes access to 1:1 office hours. They’re scheduled at your connivence and you can work directly with Liz on a remote call. Rather than try to figure things out on your own, we supplement our courses with access to a live instructor, as needed.

Will I get a Certificate from the Robotics eCourse?

We award Course Certificates to those who successfully complete and earn at least an 80% on the quizzes/final exam. This is a great way to showcase your robotics skills on a college application, resume, or portfolio!

Do you offer refunds?

If you buy the course and don’t find the content educational and informational, you can contact us within 3 days of purchase for a refund.

I have a question I don't see here. Who can I contact?

Feel free to request more information here.

Get started now!

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