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Our Robotics Certification is designed for professionals who want to gain practical robotics experience, learn directly from Industry Experts, and gain feedback from Robotics Engineers to supercharge their career to the next level.

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“I learned a lot in the 5 days I’ve started this course than any information on the internet. I love the interaction and how they break it down to help you understand better. Money well spent!” — Joshua Coleman

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Your 12-Week Plan into Robotics with Practical Experience

We combine project-based learning and mentoring to help you advance your career in robotics in as little as 12 weeks.

Week 1

Trial Workshop

Take the Workshop and See if Robotics is for you. Leave with the Basics for Success.

Weeks 1-4

Focused Coding

Then, launch into applied coding challenges to learn both software & hardware.

Weeks 5-12

Build Projects

Take your coding knowledge to build and design robots for various industries.

Weeks 1-12

Grow Your Career

Showcase your projects in a portfolio & build a resume to unlock a new career!

What Graduates Are Saying

Defense Internship

Marco Roberts

"The project in the first course helped me get an engineering internship at a defense company. It really helped me a lot."

Challenging, Yet Fun

Eli Zuchary

"I was a total beginner and lacked confidence with coding. It was challenging but in a fun way."

I won an award because of this

Ivan Martin

"I took what I learned from this course and created a science fair project that won me an award. Placed top 5 in the state."

7 Offers for Internships

Ryan Brand

"There are courses you just watch and they're kind of boring. But then there's this where you build a bunch of projects and get actual internships in engineering. Totally recommend this training if you want to work as an engineer."

Fast-Track Was Great

Miles Rogers

"I chose the fast track because I was tired of my current job and knew I wanted to work in tech. Finished in 4 months, ahead of schedule and received an offer as a junior engineer at an auto company. I think it was well worth the money I spent."

I would pay double for this

Ivan Martin

"From the comprehensive modules to the projects I've built. Now I have a stacked resume and am building a project portfolio. Hands-down better than what you can find on YouTube."

History to Engineering

Julia Hocker

"I was super encouraged taking this course seeing all of the projects that I am able to create. Now I want to pursue my engineering degree and attend Georgia Tech."

Prestigious STEM School

Tracy Wright

"Because of this program, my son scored a 5 on his AP computer science exam as a freshman and was selected for a prestigious STEM school. If your kid wants to be in engineering, this is the program that will help them succeed."

Defense Engineering Internship

Cory White

"This summer I got a defense internship from one of the projects that I build in this course. You don't just learn about code, but you also learn how all of the parts connect together which is useful when interviewing for jobs."

Right on the money with this!

Chris F.

"Liz is on the money on this one. I'll give her that. It's really good."

A great start in robotics!

Enrique B.

"This is good start in the robotics journey that lets you craving for more. I think feedback is always the best teacher."

Having a mentor, rocks!

Frederick R.

"I joined Learn Robotics because I wanted to have someone to help me while I work on robotics projects. Liz's content is great. Being able to ask her questions directly is a game-changer"

Your Future in Robotics

With the rise of robots across industries, comes the need for qualified robotics professionals.

What impact can you leave in these innovative industries?


Interested in self-driving cars? Gearhead? Get into the auto industry with automation.


Advancements in the medical field include Surgical Robots, Prosthetics, and Exoskeletons.


Wind, Battery, Solar are all areas where concepts in applied robotics come in handy.


Mars Rovers, Space Exploration, Aircrafts, and Drones are all related to the field of robotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will learn coding, electronics, sensors, prototyping, robotics, 3D Design, and PLC programming for manufacturing.

Additionally, you'll learn career skills including resume writing and portfolio building to take your skills to unlock a new job working in engineering.

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