๐Ÿš€ Experienced Engineers: Reinvent Your Career with Robotics

The Fast-Track to a $100,000+ Robotics Career in the Next 90 Days

We offer targeted career coaching for Experienced Engineers who want to transition into a robotics, automation, or AI career without having to "start over", get additional degrees, or take unnecessary certifications.

Rated 4.9/5 by Professionals

“The accountability is what I needed. I have to stay focused and the calls helped. Liz, I feel like I owe you some more money, but we’ll work on that!” โ€” Steven R.

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Shift Your Engineering "Job" to a Robotics "Career" in 90 Days

We combine Career Coaching and Specialized Robotics Training to provide Accelerated Career Growth for Engineers.

Week 1

12-Minute Video

Watch the 12-min video to see if we're a good fit to work together to advance your career.

Weeks 1-8

Enroll in Career Coaching

Once you've enrolled, we'll work together to reverse-engineer your career and create a custom game-plan to open doors into the robotics industry.

Weeks 4-12

Internship & Skills Bootcamp

Leverage your Engineering Expertise and complete a Robotics Internship with us to gain credibility and confidence to make the career move into robotics.

Earn More. Enjoy Life.

Start Your Robotics Career

Our clients are interviewing in the first 2-4 weeks and accepting job offers within 60-90 days.

Who is this For

The "Experienced Engineer" who is excited for MAJOR CAREER GROWTH by working in Robotics.

Engineering Expertise Required

We only work with Experienced Engineers who have strong technical backgrounds and a track record of success in any of these key engineering disciplines: Mechanical, Electrical, Software, or Systems.

๐Ÿ‘‰ TL;DR: You must be good at what you do as an engineer already, but you know you're destined for more.

Ready for a Career Move into Robotics

We specialize in taking Successful Engineers at the top of their game and helping them find lucrative roles in Robotics, Automation, AI fields at Fortune 500 companies and Innovative startups.

๐Ÿ‘‰ TL;DR: You must be excited for rapid career growth in the next 90 days.

Want to Achieve Greater Financial Success

We help engineers get past limiting beliefs around money that keep them stuck at average income levels. Our program can help you map out a career path into robotics that will support your financial goals while challenging you to become a better technical leader.

๐Ÿ‘‰ TL;DR: You should want to make more money in your career. If you're happy being mediocre, this isn't for you.

What It's Like to Work with Liz

Liz knows what works to grow a rewarding career in Robotics because she's experienced it first-hand (and has helped other engineers do the same!) She can help you find the roles in robotics you are uniquely qualified for because she's worked in Research, Manufacturing, Startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

๐Ÿ‘‡ Watch this video to see the WHOLE Robotics Mentorship Process.

Ready to get Liz's help to shift out of a "regular engineering job" and into a "lucrative robotics career"?

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Engineers: Shift to Robotics without an Advanced Degree

We believe that equipping you with a personalized strategy to advance your career is more valuable than a piece of paper.

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Mentorship Program

Traditional Education Programs

Degree Program

Limited-Time Career Advancement Training

How to Get a High-Paying Job in Robotics

In this 12-minute training, find out:

Hear from Liz's Clients

Contractor to Sr. ME at an Automation Startup

How Steven Elevated His Mechanical Engineering Career with Robotics & Automation

“Liz worked with me by having mock interviews, which is important during the job search process. The accountability is what I needed. I have to stay focused and the calls helped. Actually, I feel like I owe you some more money, but we’ll work on that!” โ€” Steven R.

Cloud Infrastructure to Robotics Engineering

How Thant Elevated His Cloud/IT Career with Robotics & Automation

“I just want to reiterate the point that what I find very useful in this program is that being able to talk to an Expert like you, Liz, and check-in every week, and get my questions answered and look at positions together with you (Liz). And get very specific advice like whether these positions are right (for me). Some of these positions, like on my own, I would never even consider them. But having you say, as an expert, that these positions are right for me, that’s where the value is.” โ€” Thant A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mentorship Program is Perfect For Experienced Engineers Who:

โœ… Are currently working in engineering who are looking to transition their career into the robotics industry (robotics, automation, AI)

โœ… Have a strong technical background in at least 1 core engineering discipline (mechanical, electrical, software, systems) and a track record of proven career success

โœ… Know engineering concepts and have seen them in practice, so you are not a total beginner

โœ… Want to get into the robotics industry because the engineering job you have is boring as hell or isn't quite hitting the mark with what you envisioned yourself doing

โœ… Need a clear and consistent roadmap of how to transition out of your current career and into robotics without "starting over" or disrupting your lifestyle

โœ… Want help finding job opportunities in robotics you're uniquely qualified for and the confidence to package your skills and actually get job offers on the table

โœ… Are ready & willing to invest in yourself & your career. Our coaching, program, community, and strategy are not cheap but they will transform your life like never before.