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Inspire the next generation of Scientists and Engineers with our carefully curated video lessons and hybrid learning kit.

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You now have the power to launch a standards-driven robotics class, 100% online, without any experience.

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Courses Available on the Learn Robotics Platform

Arduino for Beginners LEVEL 1

Build a Functional Prototype that Monitors Plant Health.

remote robotics class

Designed for Absolute Beginners

Gain Circuit & Coding Skills

Learn about I/O & Decision-Making

Build a Functional Prototype

Build Arduino Robots LEVEL 2

Construct a mobile robot by writing code from scratch.

how to learn robotics online remotely

For Students with Experience

Learn to Read Datasheets

Program Motor Control Patterns

Use Sensors for Autonomous Challenges

All Courses on our Platform Include These Features!

1 Year Access - Learn Robotics Platform

Earn a Certificate & We'll be your Reference

Instructor Reports & Auto-Grading

Use the Learn Robotics Alpha Kit to Build Projects

Instructor Live Chat & Customer Support

Standards-Aligned Curriculum: NGSS, CSTA, Common-Core

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learn Robotics?

Learn Robotics is an online robotics learning platform designed by Robotics Engineer, Liz Miller. 

After spending time in the engineering industry, Liz decided to create courses to fill the gaps that weren’t taught in engineering school but necessary for a successful career as a Robotics/Automation professional. 

Learn Robotics courses combine carefully curated hands-on projects aligned to 21st Century Education standards. We pride ourselves on offering quality content in an easy-to-digest manner.

We can’t wait to work with you and your organization!

Why should I use the Learn Robotics Platform when I can buy a robotics kit?

The Learn Robotics Platform is an all-in-one robotics system that allows schools, clubs, and organizations to launch robotics programs quickly and efficiently.

While you can purchase a robotics kit, you’ll still be faced with the challenge of creating online content, determining what topics to teach (and how to teach it), and making lessons interactive for students in a virtual environment.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of this process so that you can focus on what you do bestlaunch the best robotics program and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers!

When you partner with Learn Robotics, you gain access to our staff, expertise, technical troubleshooting, and network. This isn’t just a kit you buy. We’re here to help you in launching your robotics program!

Can students learn by themselves or do they need a teacher?

All of the courses are designed for self-learning. Each module includes interactive videos and step-by-step information as well as auto-graded quizzes. Students can learn by themselves and interact with their instructor virtually.

Who can teach using the Learn Robotics Platform?

We make it easy for anyone to implement a robotics program. Whether you want to start a club, host a virtual camp, or transition your robotics class online, we have the platform that makes it possible.

Instructors do not need to be robotics experts to teach using the Learn Robotics platform. Our platform already has a Standards-Aligned curriculum, quizzes, projects, and lessons.

Instructors can spend less time setting up an online system and focus on interacting with students through open-ended projects and custom lessons that align best with their classrooms.

What age group is this designed for?

Our courses are designed for ages 14+ or Middle and High School age groups.

We also use our programs as Personal & Professional development for Adults interested in “tinkering” or tech-related careers.

Even if learners don’t have a background in coding or tech, they can gain robotics skills through the Learn Robotics Platform.

We recommend starting with our Level 1 course, Arduino for Beginners, if learners do not have a background in coding or circuits.

How do you track student progress?

Instructors are granted additional features that allow them to access student progress and reports.

Instructor licenses provide transparency on which modules students have worked on and what grades students have earned on quizzes and exams.

How do students ask questions?

For group enrollments (courses taken through organizations outside of Learn Robotics), Instructors have the ability to reach out to students using the Learn Robotics platform. Students can contact their instructor directly using methods provided during registration.

Learn Robotics staff is available for all Instructors and individual enrollments.

What kit do we need to buy for this?

Both courses use the Learn Robotics Alpha Kit. The first course, Arduino for Beginners, can be taken 100% online using the online simulator.

However, if you plan on taking both courses, we recommend buying kits as well (1 per student) so that you can build both physical projects.

While you could try to source the components yourself, we are unable to provide quality assurance, guarantee, or technical support on any components not purchased through Learn Robotics.

The Learn Robotics Alpha Kits are packed and shipped from Southwest Florida, USA and include a 1-year limited warranty. ??

How long do licenses last?

Student and Instructor licenses include 1-year access and can be renewed annually. Projects and code created in the courses can be accessed after the license expires.

How much does the program cost?

 School licensing options are based on the number of seats that your classroom or school requires.

Individuals can enroll online and start learning with Level 1, instantly.

? Ready to get started?

Book a call with our staff to determine the best solutions for your scenario.

You can also Request a Quote for your school, organization, or business.

Where can I buy all the courses and the kit?

Individuals can purchase the Learn Robotics Bundle online, here.

If you want to use the Learn Robotics Platform for your classroom or group, then you’ll need to meet with us so that we can set up your account.

This is a great way to unlock Instructor Reports if you want to host virtual robotics camps and classes through your organization!

Do you offer discounts?

School licensing options are based on the number of seats that your classroom or school requires. We typically do not provide discounts unless you place a bulk order of licenses and kits (typically 100 or more enrollments).

If you’re ready to get started, book a call with our staff to determine the best solutions for your scenario.

When can I access my classroom?

You can start learning as soon as we receive a receipt of payment and your classroom roster! Our team works promptly, so you can expect a fast turn-around within 1-2 business days.

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