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You DON’T need to Make Lesson Plans

You want coursework that aligns with your local educational goals. That’s why we created courses and lessons that are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), CSTA, and Common-Core.

Now you can instantly add robotics to your Middle and High School curriculum to meet learning objectives.

You don’t need to be a scientist or an engineer to bring real hardware into the classroom. And, even if you are tech-minded, we’ve mapped the education standards so that you don’t have to.

take student learning online with remote teaching solutions

You Can Monitor Student Progress

As a teacher, you can gain access to live statistics for your classrooms. Lessons and modules are tracked. Quizzes are automatically graded and provide student feedback in real-time. 

You can also elect to have manually graded assignments including open-ended responses and projects to fine-tune the curriculum to your classroom.

At the end of our courses, we automatically generate Student Certificates, which are great for promoting on a resume or career portfolio.

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Interactive Video Lessons

You can learn and improve your skills across coding, circuitry, critical thinking, and more. Even if you don’t have experience with tech, the modules are taught by experts to help your students gain experience.

how to learn robotics online remotely

Project-Based Courses

You’ll work on building projects alongside the instructor. We provide the tools and resources so that you can focus on building projects without getting frustrated by technical jargon.

Covid-19 robotics classes online for high school

You Should Gain Industry Skills

Let’s face it. The world is becoming more technically advanced. You should have access to remote robotics classes. Learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are valuable no matter where your career takes you. 

STEM classes for middle and high school virtual learning

Ask Questions When You Need Help

You can ask us questions while you’re taking the course. Our instructors become an extension of your existing teaching staff. We’re here to provide resources for you and your students.

Parents, Give your Kids the Technical Advantage

Even if you don’t have an engineering background, you can prepare your child for success.

Learn Coding & Electronics from the Beginning

Build & Create Robots to Solve Challenges

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can students learn by themselves or do they need a teacher?

All of the courses are designed for self-learning. Each module includes interactive videos and step-by-step information as well as auto-graded quizzes. Students can learn by themselves or interact with our staff if they have questions.

What Grade Level is this designed for?

Our courses are designed for grades 7-12 or Middle and High School age groups. Even if students don’t have a background in coding or tech, they can gain robotics skills through Learn Robotics Online.

How do you track student progress?

Teachers will have access to their virtual classroom where they can see which modules students have worked on and what grades students have earned on quizzes and exams.

How do students ask questions?

We have a live chat option for students to interact with Learn Robotics staff. There’s also an option for students to reach out directly to their instructors.

How much does the program cost?

At-home learning starts at $200 per student. Parents can enroll their children online and start learning instantly. School licensing options are based on the number of seats that your classroom or school requires. Book a call with our staff to determine the best solutions for your scenario.

How long do licenses last?

Classroom licenses are available for one year. Projects and code created in the courses can be accessed after the license expires.

When can I access my classroom?

You can start learning as soon as we receive a receipt of payment and your classroom roster! Our team works promptly, so you can expect a fast turn-around within one business day.

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