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Innovative Robotics Curriculum Built for Your Classroom​

Powered by Learn Robotics is designed to give you the best robotics tools for your remote, in-person, or hybrid, Middle or High School Classroom. 

With Powered by, Anyone Can Teach and Anyone Can Learn Robotics, from Anywhere.


Robotics Curriculum Built for Your Classroom​

Powered by Learn Robotics is designed to give you the best robotics tools for your Middle or High School Classroom.
With Powered by, Anyone Can Teach and Anyone Can Learn, from Anywhere.
Materials for a robotics class

what to teach for robotics

Ready-Made Curriculum

Stop stressing over your lesson plans. We’ve mapped out what to teach and how to teach it. Generate your schedule and teach right away.

Parts, Materials, and Tools

Every user receives their own robotics kit in lieu of a textbook. Kits include everything you need to build, code, and wire the lab-based activities.

Hands-on Lab Activities

Work on labs from anywhere — at home or in-school. Every student will walk away with a project portfolio that they can showcase.

Quizzes and Assessements

With built-in checkpoints, surveys, quizzes, and assignments, you can feel confident that students are learning and improving!

how to teach robotics

Online Access from Anywhere

Unleash the power of a hardware-based course accessible anywhere with Internet access. Learn at home or in school with ease.

Custom Schedules and Pacing

Generate your teaching and pacing schedule based on your school calendar or class days. Re-generate to accommodate changing schedules.

Student and Group Discussions

Allow students to collaborate in your own personal, classroom forum and group discussion. Encourage teamwork and idea sharing.

Guides & Extension Topics

Improve your teaching skills with Instructor Guides that complement each level. There’s even a list of Extension Topics to keep students busy!

how to teach robotics with Learn Robotics Remote Learning
remote robotics curriculum with grading LMS tools

virtual robotics tools

Full Featured Reporting

Create powerful and graphical reports directly in the Learn Robotics Platform. Export grades to a CSV or Excel for import to your gradebook.

School, Classroom, User Progress

Understand which students are accelerating and which students need a little extra help. Drill down user reports to see real-time progress.

Automatic Grading

Spend less time correcting quizzes and papers, and more time working with your students. Take advantage of built-in assessments and grading.

Accessibility Tools

Enable built-in on-screen tools for Accessibility. Users can adjust text size, display, contrast, and animation tools on every page.

supporting students and schools globally

Learn Robotics provides you with an easy and powerful way to launch and learn robotics, coding, and emerging technologies. Join or Start a program, today!

Lazaro Del Rio
Lazaro Del Rio
Powered by Level 1
Read More
In my case, I am someone willing to learn, and I did not have this opportunity before. I just mean that taking this class has opened a door for me that maybe will have remained locked forever. Therefore I feel grateful and motivated to continue learning and to help my students.
Roger Moore
Roger Moore
Robotics 101
Read More
It was a very good course to understand the basic need of robotics.
Zehor lahlah
Zehor lahlah
Robotics 101
Read More
The course is very easy and understandable. It made me more passionate about robotics, and helped me build a clear view about this filed.Thank you, Learn Robotics!
Allen Wright
Allen Wright
Level 2 Online
Read More
This course teaches the user about the safety in some workplaces and how most of the parts in a robot function. In all it is a great starter to courses that are to come in the future.
Adrian Thomas
Adrian Thomas
Powered by Level 1
Read More
The course provides learners with a unique opportunity to acquire a wealth of knowledge with its rich content and hands-on activities. Through the creation of prototypes learners can deepen their understanding of circuits, coding and engineering.
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson
Powered by Level 1
Read More
Helped me understand! I went from home hobbyist to understanding the code thanks to this course.

How to design a
Robotics Classroom​

We’ve simplified the way robotics programs are launched. All we need to know is who, what, when, and where, and you can have a highly technical robotics program within a matter of weeks!


Decide which courses to offer and when

Speak with our knowledgeable Education Specialists and explore the Powered by Learn Robotics Catalog. We can help you decide which courses are the best fit for your students!


Determine which students are enrolled

How many students and facilitators are in your robotics class? We’ll use this information to determine the class size and associated program costs. Our enrollment is very competitive with traditional program investments. Ask us about our multi-class discount!


Start teaching and exploring robotics

Once enrolled, your students and staff will receive a login to the Learn Robotics Platform, where they can log-in 24/7 and view course materials. In lieu of a textbook, students will use their Learn Robotics Kit to construct, code, and complete robotics labs and projects.

Level 1: Coding & Circuits

This introductory course is designed for students interested in the world of computer programming, electronics, and advancing technology. Students will learn the fundamentals of C-programming, understand how to use microcontrollers, breadboards, and sensors, and create working technical gadgets. At the end of this course, students will be able to showcase their prototypes and have tangible skills they can showcase on a resume or in a project portfolio.

Course of Study

Level 2: Mobile Robots

This course is designed for students who have had significant experience with coding, electronics, or robotics. This is a lab-based robotics course and is a continuation of Coding & Circuits (Level 1) with an emphasis on autonomous vehicles. Students will learn the robotics process, from ideation to materials, construction, programming, and diagnostics. This is a comprehensive, pre-college course with topics including digital logic, data sheets, C++ libraries, and autonomous control. At the end of this course, students will build their own custom sensor to use with their robot. Additionally, students will have working robots to showcase on a project portfolio or technical resume.

we provide you the tools and support to succeed

Reasons Our Partners Trust Learn Robotics

Our team is here to ensure you have the best robotics program in town! Meet with our Educational Specialists, and create your Free Learn Robotics Plan, today!

Strategic Partner

Programs are designed around your needs. We want you to succeed!

latest innovation

We're constantly improving and expanding our Course Catalog to keep things fresh.

technical support

Complimentary support and help from a real person, just when you need it most.

powered by learn robotics is used for

Middle & High School Robotics Programs for Engaging, Hands-on Learning

You don’t need to be a tech wizard or coding buff to join Powered by Learn Robotics. Our programs are perfect for any robotics class, small or large. Here are the most popular use-cases for the Powered By Learn Robotics Program.

educational organizations

All you need is an adult facilitator to run a highly technical robotics program. Administration is a breeze!

social and recreational

Organize your robotics club with the Powered by Learn Robotics Programs. Delight members and stay on target!


Easily implement a highly technical robotics independent study in your school. Tell us how many students, and you're good to go!

engineering clubs & stem electives

Take in-school learning to the next level. Instead of building a few robots per class, EVERYONE BUILDS A ROBOT! Talk about being the coolest class ever.

facilitated groups & programs

Provide robotics training as a special offering for Museums, Youth Groups, and Community Clubs. Expand your current offerings to include robotics.

in-person studio workshops

Want to start your own teaching gig or side hustle? If you have an interest in robots and enjoy helping others, you can start hosting LR Workshops!

frequently asked questions

Common Pre-Enrollment Questions

Users need access to a Laptop or Desktop computer (Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux) with at least 1 USB port and Internet. Content is viewable on tablets and smartphones; however, lab activities and coding require a computer.

We have the option (paid) to provide Instructor-Led programs for your institution, upon request.  Let us know during your complementary call with our Education Specialists, and we’ll be happy to share different options!

Powered by Learn Robotics is designed to enrich student familiarity with all aspects of robotics: coding, mechanics, and robotics. This is a class, rather than a competition. Every student receives their own robotics kit and can learn alongside the curriculum. If you’re considering a program that enables learning anywhere where every student can participate (and build their own robot), then this is an awesome alternative.

We’ve designed Powered by Learn Robotics so that it can be taught by anyone, anywhere. Rather than searching for subject-matter experts and being tied to a classroom lab, you can implement Powered by Learn Robotics anywhere and for a fraction of the cost of traditional programs. We’re a better option if you want the flexibility to teach robotics virtually, in-class, or on a hybrid model. Plus, everyone gets their own kit, making it super easy to keep parts clean and sanitized.

Yes, your program enrollment includes 1 kit per user per course. So, if you have 25 students and 1 staff in our Level 1 and 2 Courses, then you’ll receive 52 individually sorted kits in your shipment.

Yes, every Learn Robotics kit includes a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. This warranty does not cover accidental damage; however, we provide the option to include a Spare Parts kit upon enrollment in case you need replacement parts.

Yes, we are Chromebook compatible.

Powered by Learn Robotics is designed for students in Middle and High school.

We welcome students of all backgrounds to start in Level 1 of the Powered by Program. Most students are successful if they know how to use a computer (open/save files, access the browser, download programs) and have touch typing (keyboarding) skills.

Traditional classes use textbooks, while the Powered by Learn Robotics Program uses the Learn Robotics Kit. Program pricing includes 1:1 kits so that every student can build the lab projects. While students could share kits, the pricing is the same.

Yes, we teach C/C++ programming in our courses. More languages are slated as we develop new programs and curriculum.

Each level contains a full semester worth of curriculum.

If your school moves faster or slower than a semester, we can generate a custom schedule for quarter or annual programs depending on your school’s needs. We also provide Extension Topics for each level to accommodate accelerated learners.

Our programs are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), and Common Core. We find that our programs can be easily aligned to State and Local Education Standards as well!

We are currently enrolling Powered by Learn Robotics Programs within the United States; however, contact us, to add your country to our International launch list.


Liz Miller
Founder & CEO, Learn Robotics


Hi! My name is Liz and I’m the Founder and CEO of Learn Robotics. Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed in launching your robotics program. All of our Powered by Partners receive personalized assistance from experts who have designed, taught, and worked with robots — both in the classroom and as professionals. We’re here to help!


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