Simple Robotics Kit for Groups

Create a Simple Robot with this DIY Kit


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Based on the Simple Robot Tutorial. Designed for groups of 10-20 students, this kit will help you build 10X robots at an affordable price.

Includes the following parts separated into ten (10) individual kits.

  • 10X Arduino Nano
  • 10X Arduino Nano Shield
  • 10X Caster Wheel
  • 20X Continuous Servo Motors
  • 20X Wheels
  • 60X Ribbon Cables
  • 10X 9V Battery Connector
  • 10X USB Cable
  • 20X IR Sensors
  • 20X Learn Robotics Patches
  • 1X DIY Simple Robots Guide w/ Activities and Worksheets
  • CAD Models (.STEP / .STL)

Parts will arrive pre-kitted into 10 sets for your convenience!

Not included: Tools, 9V batteries, and cardboard


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