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Robotics Curriculum for Middle and High School (Digital Licenses)
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Robotics Curriculum for Middle and High School (Digital Licenses)

From: $250.00 From: $225.00

Interactive Digital Robotics Curriculum Designed for Middle and High School Classrooms. Includes online access to interactive robotics modules, quizzes, and step-by-step videos. Fully aligned to 21st Century Education Standards.

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What is the Powered by Program?

Learn Robotics has simplified the way robotics programs are launched through our Powered by Program. Our program is very interactive and is designed to give students real-world engineering experience. This makes it great preparation for robotics teams, future technical careers, and STEM departments.

Students will love the interactive labs, and staff will have access to ready-made lesson plans, real-time reports, and grades.

The best part: you don’t need to know anything about robotics to have a highly technical robotics program.

What’s included with the Level 1 Robotics Digital Curriculum Licenses

Mobile and Desktop access to the Learn Robotics Curriculum App. Includes all of the lesson plans and content to support your middle or high school robotics program. We’ve compiled everything you need, so you can focus on delivery and training (and none of the logistics!)

Staff License:

  • View all Level 1 Curriculum Content: Lesson Plans, Activities, Labs, Capstone Projects
  • Access Class, Period, and Student Progress Reports
  • Review Lab Submissions and grades for students assigned to their class
  • Quiz Question Bank Updated Annually
  • Automatic Grading (Quizzes and Final Exam)
  • Download Quiz Grades (reporting tools)
  • Printable worksheets and quizzes to supplement in-person learning

Student Licenses:

  • Interact with all Level 1 Curriculum Content: Lesson Plans, Activities, Labs, Capstone Projects
  • Submit Assignments and Quizzes
  • View Individual Progress and Earn Badges for Completion

Each license is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Unused licenses from the same school may qualify for a credit on subsequent enrollments. Valid licenses also include automatic updates and new features. We pride ourselves on keeping content fresh and fun!

What does the Level 1 Robotics Curriculum cover?

This introductory course is designed for students interested in the world of computer programming, electronics, and advancing technology. 

Robotics Learning Outcomes

  • Write code in C/C++
  • Understand how to use microcontrollers
  • Wire and prototype with breadboards
  • Read data from Analog vs. Digital Sensors
  • Variables, Methods, Conditional Logic
  • Reading technical diagrams, schematics, and interpret requirements
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot circuits

At the end of this course, students will be able to showcase their prototypes and have tangible skills they can showcase on a resume or in a project portfolio.

Interactive Robotics Curriculum Classroom Set for Middle and High School Students

Use our digital middle and high school robotics curriculum to provide a stress-free roadmap for your robotics class. This is great for scenarios when the instructor or facilitator has no previous experience with electronics, coding, or robotics. We include everything you need including pacing schedules, multimedia-rich lesson plans, hardware kits, quizzes, and capstone projects.

Students don’t just copy and paste code. Our curriculum is designed to systemically teach students how to learn, think critically, and expand their technical foundations. The goal is to get students to apply their knowledge to custom projects. Some schools opt to use our curriculum as a precursor to robotics teams, tech clubs, or college prep courses.

What age group is the robotics curriculum for?

We’ve designed our Level 1 course for students at the high school or advanced middle school level.

With that said, we know that each classroom is different, so if your students already have basic computer skills, touch typing, and building experience, you’re welcome to give our programs a try!

How long is the robotics curriculum?

Ultimately, you can choose how long you want to run your class. When you enroll, we will provide you with a pacing tool to generate a custom schedule for your classroom. That way, you’ll know what to teach and when to teach it, to stay on track!

Generally Speaking: 

  • For high school robotics classes, we recommend running each level for one semester or two quarters. For advanced high school students, you can run both levels for one semester. (Each level is a quarter).
  • At the middle school level, you can run each level for one semester or two quarters (advanced class) or one year (traditional class).
  • For super-advanced elementary students (grades 5 and up), we recommend offering each level for one school year.

Hardware Kits Not Included

You will need to order a Robotics Curriculum Classroom Set or Additional Level 1 Hardware Kits in addition to these licenses.

Level 1 Mini Kit (SKU: 801083-K): Arduino Controller, Resistors, LEDs, Jumper Wires, Variable Resistors, Breadboard, USB programming cable

How many kits do we need?

Learn Robotics programs are a bit different than traditional robotics classes. Our goal is to equip every student with their own robotics kit. We recommend (1) Level 1 Kit per user. If you have budget restrictions, you may choose to have students work in pairs. We also recommend purchasing (1) kit per instructor to use for demonstrations.

Why choose Learn Robotics Digital Curriculum for your school robotics class?

We provide everything you need to be successful with your robotics program. Hardware kits arrive individually sorted, labeled, and organized. Access to the Learn Robotics Curriculum App is 24/7 and includes a variety of multimedia, video, and interactive lessons. Your students can follow along with step-by-step demonstrations of how to write code, design prototypes, and build robots. And, instructors can feel confident teaching a highly technical course with readymade resources.

How do we know that this robotics classroom curriculum set is the best?

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some recent testimonials from both instructors and students in the Powered by Program:

I found this course quite helpful as a beginner’s entry into programming. The course was organized well and the coding assignments were effective at teaching new concepts while also encouraging experimentation with the code.Cassandra A. | Student, Wasco, CA
There’s a big difference in the quality of other products and the quality of Learn Robotics Programs. Other products are missing pieces and are difficult to use. This program really has a “rigorous engineering way of thinking”. Other programs are amateurish: you get the parts and put things together, but you don’t learn. Learn Robotics has a rigorous process that teaches engineering, which is what I’m looking for. It is very well thought out and professional.Hany E. | Teacher, Washington D.C.
Learn Robotics helps to create something tangible for students, as programming can be abstract. I would tell someone who is considering trying out Learn Robotics that “you need to do it”. It was a good experience, and I found the time I invested was useful and valuable. Just give it a shot – it is time well spent!Colm D. | Teacher, New Britain, CT

And, if that isn’t enough, our robotics curriculum classroom set was designed by robotics engineers and industry professionals. 

That means we aren’t educators by default. You are. 

We’ve taken our years of shop-floor, engineering, and machine-fixing experience and optimized it into educational content that will prepare students for technical careers. 

You bring the passion for education, and we’ll provide the hard-core engineering expertise. Cool, right?

Our Promise: We have a 100% success rate for students who complete our program. If you take the course, work through all of the modules and activities, we can 100% guarantee that you will *know your stuff* and will have the foundations needed to launch your technical career.


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