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Fusion 360 for Robotics

Fusion 360 for Robotics


Even if you’ve never used CAD, you can design Robots!

Computer-Aided Design is an important part of robotics and mechanical engineering! If you need to gain these skills quickly, then you’ll want to take this course!

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Real Hardware for Beginner Makers

Create Custom Projects Beyond the Course

As Featured In

Fast Shipping from the United States

Real Hardware for Beginner Makers

Create Custom Projects Beyond the Course

As Featured In


Elective Course: Fusion 360 for Robotics

By taking this course you’ll learn how to design, draft, and document parts using CAD in Fusion 360.

Designed and produced in consultation with engineers and National Education Standards, our Learn Robotics Fusion 360 for Robotics Course should give you the skills to create end-effectors, custom Industrial Robot designs, and PDF drawings to document manufacturing requirements.

Design Components for Robots

Learn how to draft common components in CAD for robot models.

Use Components within Full Assemblies

Design full assemblies to accurately plan full robot designs. We’ll show you how to model an Industrial Robot and a Mobile Robot from start to finish.

CAD to 3D Printing & Manufacturing

Let’s face it. Just drafting a robot design isn’t enough. In this course, we walk you through the process of converting your ideas into drawings. Learn how to take CAD files and prep them for 3D printing and manufacturing.

Skyrocket your CAD Skills for Robotics

With extra time indoors, now is the perfect opportunity to advance your tech skills.

You should take advantage of picking up skills such as CAD Modeling with Fusion 360 and Design for Manufacturing.

Add the certificate and projects from this course to your portfolio, resume, and college/job applications.

Course Access & Requirements

This course is taught 100% online, which means you’ll need a laptop computer (Mac or Windows) with admin rights to install software and a reliable Internet connection.

If you don’t have Fusion 360 Installed on your computer, we also provide information on how to get a free trial through Autodesk!

The course is self-paced, and we provide guidelines on how to pace yourself while learning online.

Students have 12 months to finish the course and can upgrade to lifetime access by contacting Liz directly. All learners in our Verified by Learn Robotics program will be enrolled in that program for life.

How to Get Help

We are available by email and live chat to help students with the course.

Students that need additional help can sign up for an appointment with Liz.

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