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Engineering Prototyping & Simulation (Lesson Plans)

Engineering Prototyping & Simulation (Lesson Plans)


Ready to level up your classroom? Do what you do best, and spend time teaching instead of searching for cool STEM lesson plans. We’ve got you covered!

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Real Hardware for Beginner Makers

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Fast Shipping from the United States

Real Hardware for Beginner Makers

Create Custom Projects Beyond the Course

As Featured In


EPS Lesson #1, Simple Prototypes, is a two-hour lesson plan designed to familiarize students with circuit components. At the end of this lesson, students should be able to create models and prototypes using Ohm’s Law, Computer Simulations, and Real-World Electronic Hardware.

Simple Prototypes addresses the Essential Questionhow do we properly use simple electrical components together in a circuit?

Lesson Topics

A. Simple Circuits & Components: LED’s, Resistors, Batteries, and Breadboards
B. Ohm’s Law: how to use the formula in applied circuits
C. Series & Parallel Circuits: What’s the difference between the two and how do we wire these circuits on a breadboard?
D. LED’s and Voltage Drop (Forward Voltage): Calculate Resistor values for LED’s in Series and Parallel
E. How to Wire a Breadboard: Learn the methodology of safely building and prototyping circuits
F. Simulated Circuits: Design and Test out your circuits before wiring up real hardware

Standards Driven

This Lesson was developed using Nationally Recognized Education Standards: NGSS, Common Core Mathematics, and Georgia Standards of Excellence. Teachers in other states should have no problem aligning these lessons to their classrooms, too!

What you get

Each downloadable electronics lesson plan is standards-based and has everything you need in one place!

This electronics lesson is downloadable and contains PDF and PowerPoint files. Here’s what you get with your purchase:

✓ Lesson Outline (detailed list of topics with relevant Education Standards)
✓ PowerPoint slides (full color in both PDF and PPT editable files)
✓ Instructor’s Notes (briefing of how to teach this lesson)
✓ Activities and Rubrics (printable Homework worksheets and rubrics to reinforce this material)

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