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Elementary School (K-4) Robotics Classroom Set


Elementary School (K-4) Robotics Classroom Set


Have everything you need to start an Elementary School (K-4) robotics club! From kits to projects, ready to go when you are!

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Real Hardware for Beginner Makers

Create Custom Projects Beyond the Course

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Fast Shipping from the United States

Real Hardware for Beginner Makers

Create Custom Projects Beyond the Course

As Featured In


Easily Launch and Run an Elementary Robotics Class

Learn Robotics has simplified the way robotics programs are launched through our K-4 Robotics Classroom Set. 

Our program is very interactive and is designed to give students real-world engineering experience. This makes it great preparation for robotics teams, future technical careers, and STEM departments.

Students will love the interactive labs, and staff will have access to ready-made lesson plans and activities with all of the components ready to go!

The best part: you don’t need to know anything about robotics to have a highly technical robotics program.

Running a robotics club, after-school program, or enrichment group? Charge a registration fee to participants for a no-cost option for offering Learn Robotics!

What’s included with the Elementary Robotics Classroom Set

This bundle contains all of the necessary parts to set up your robotics class including hardware kits and 1 semester (2 quarters) Learn Robotics K-4 Curriculum.

  • (1) Curriculum Booklet with Lessons, Hands-on Activities, and Worksheets
  • (10) Hardware Kits: Learn Robotics K-4 Robotics Kits
  • (10) Learn Robotics Stickers

You will need to provide accessories such as batteries, tablets, and/or computers, as they are not included with the robotics classroom set.

What does the Learn Robotics Elementary (K-4) curriculum cover?

This fun robotics classroom set for elementary classrooms is designed to excite students about technology. We cover “what is a robot” to building, coding, and exploring the world of electronics, sensing, and beginning code.

Robotics Learning Outcomes

  • Write code using Drag & Drop Languages
  • Understand parts of a robot (and build one)
  • Learn about logical steps and sequences
  • Collect information about the world with robots
  • Complete various hands-on activities using robots
  • Applied learning with ties to reading, math, and social skills

Interactive Robotics Curriculum Classroom Set Elementary School Students

Use our elementary school robotics curriculum to provide a stress-free roadmap for your robotics class. This is great for scenarios when the instructor or facilitator has no previous experience with electronics, coding, or robotics.

We include everything you need including multimedia-rich lesson plans and hardware kits.

Students don’t just copy and paste code. Our curriculum is designed to systemically teach students how to learn, think critically, and expand their technical foundations.

The goal is to get students to apply their knowledge to project-based learning. Some schools opt to use our curriculum to run their after-school robotics programs, clubs, and in-school enrichment.

What age group is the robotics curriculum for?

We’ve designed our Elementary Classroom Set for students in grades K-4 with age-appropriate activities and lessons to help students grow into robotics. While the kits can be used for multiple grades, the activities and projects scale to provide challenging experiences for each student.

How long is the robotics curriculum?

Ultimately, you can choose how long you want to run your class.

We find that schools running robotics 1-2 hours per week will have enough activities for about a semester (20 hours). You can purchase expansion packs to add additional materials and activities to accommodate your program duration.

What do the hardware kits include?

Each Classroom Set includes ten (10) Learn Robotics Elementary Kits, which contain all of the components and tools you need to build the lab-based projects.

Kits come pre-sorted, labeled, and organized, so all you have to do is hand them out to students. No more guessing what part is which, or trying to source missing pieces!

Elementary Kit (SKU: LR-E001-K)

How many kits do we need?

Classroom sets can be purchased in increments of ten (10). You can opt to have students work in pairs or provide a kit for each student. It’s up to you how you want to run your class.

For the best, interactive experience, we recommend 1:1 or 1:2 students per kit.

If you’re running a Learn Robotics after-school program, you will need to order enough robotics kits so that each student receives one as part of their enrollment.

Why choose Learn Robotics Curriculum for your school robotics class?

We provide everything you need to be successful with your robotics program. Hardware kits arrive individually sorted, labeled, and organized.

Your students can follow along with step-by-step worksheets and lessons on how to write code, solve tech challenges, and build robots.

And, instructors can feel confident teaching a highly technical course with readymade resources. Stop wasting time designing lesson plans and curriculum, and spend time doing what you do best: teaching!

Need Help Designing Your Program? Hire Learn Robotics for Education Consulting

In addition to our awesome robotics classroom sets, you can hire us to design your robotics program. With over a decade of robotics engineering and education experience, we’re here to help you implement a successful, hi-tech, and really cool robotics program!

Call us at 239-747-6268 for information on adding Learn Robotics as a STEM consultant for your growing 21st Century Program.

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions16 × 12 × 12 in
Set Option

Set of 10, Individual Kit, Spare Part Kit, K-4 Activity Guide A

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