Buy Elegoo Smart Robot Car V3

Elegoo UNO Project Smart Robot Car Kit V 3.0

Buy this robot and participate in our Robotics eCourse! Perfect for beginners and advanced, this robot provides a fundamental platform for learning!


I use this robot car in MANY of my tutorials and my Robotics eCourse. So, if you’re looking to get into the world of robotics, I recommend picking one up and following along with me!

  • Elegoo smart robot car: an educational kits for beginners to get hands-on experience about Arduino programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge.
  • Over 10 upgrades: such as built-in Ir remote sensor on the board, 3 line tracking modules in one board, upgraded battery with protection board and now you can install
  • Easy to assemble: all the module interface has Xh2.54 ports, which makes it much easier and very convenient to assemble the car and reduce the errors
  • Working modes: line tracking, obstacle avoidance, ir-remote control and Bluetooth control over your phone with our app on iOS and android. Kit based on UNO R3 controller board
  • Refined tutorial: HD rendering instructions of how to assemble the robot car from scratch and all the necessary programs and codes are included

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