build arduino robots course level 2 course for individuals and hobbyists
Level 2: Build Arduino Robots (Kit included)
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Level 2: Build Arduino Robots (Kit included)


Learn how to build, wire, and program your very own mobile robot using Arduino!

Level 2 Hardware Add-on Kit included. Requires Level 1 Kit (not included).

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Revamp your Skillset with Robotics!

Introducing a fun and educational way to gain robotics and automation skills! Our Level 2, Learn Robotics Online Course makes it easy for individuals to learn to code, work with sensors, and build robots using the popular Arduino platform. Now you can take our lab-based robotics course directly from the comfort of your home. Great for personal enrichment and professional development.

Our most popular robotics course is designed for students who enjoy hands-on activities and a project-based curriculum and want to build out a project portfolio!

By taking this course you’ll develop foundational robotics skills that will help you develop mobile robots to solve real-world challenges.

Designed and produced in consultation with engineers and National Education Standards, our Build Arduino Robots Online Course should give you experience reading datasheets, interfacing sensor hardware, and creating mechatronic systems that perform specific tasks.

This course can boost your resume by giving you key skills in I/O, hands-on prototyping, mechatronics, DC motor controllers, and technical troubleshooting.

Boost Your Knowledge of Autonomous Vehicles & Learn Robotics Online

For working professionals, this course has ties to data science, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing.

This course utilizes the Arduino platform to give learners an understanding of how to build mobile robots from start to finish. At the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of what a robot is and how to create one from electro-mechanical components.

Additionally, students interested in autonomous systems will gain a full understanding of how I/O works so that they can develop software-hardware systems for custom robotic applications.

What Students are Saying

“I like learning online a lot more than working from a textbook. Everything is interactive!”Saundra W., Teacher ELA/STEM

Add “Robotics” Experience to Your Resume

These are the goals you’ll achieve after completing Level 2: Build Arduino Robots:

  1. How to build a robot from start to finish from a box of real engineering components
  2. How to interface I/O to a microcontroller (Arduino)
  3. How to read datasheets to interface motor drivers for DC motor control
  4. How to receive data from sensors and make autonomous decisions in real-time
  5. How to run tests and diagnostics to troubleshoot common issues with robots
  6. How to develop software libraries for code reusability
  7. How to create custom sensor arrays for mobile robot challenges

By the end of this course, you should be very comfortable designing and building autonomous mobile robots to respond to various environmental conditions.

Easily add the Learn Robotics Kit!

Don’t struggle to try to figure out what components you need for this course! We now have the option to purchase the Robotics Hardware Kit with your enrollment!

Please note: You may choose to source the components yourself; however, we are unable to provide quality assurance, guarantee, or technical support on hardware not purchased through Learn Robotics.

Designed for Personal Enrichment & Development

We recommend taking our first course, Arduino for Beginners, if you do not have previous coding or circuit experience.

Our robotics course can be taken by learners ages 14+ who have some programming and electronics background but have never built a robot before.

As a working professional, this Learn Robotics course can boost your resume by giving you key skills in I/O, hands-on prototyping, mechatronics, DC motor controllers, and technical troubleshooting.

“I recommend this course to all people who would like to learn Arduino, Robotics, and the fundamentals. Learners just have to invest in the learning materials and practice with these platforms.”Saraj V., Student

You’ll also have the added bonus of self-enrichment in the robotics field, without being tied to a full-time degree program. This will give you the straight-forward skills you need without the added stress of being in college.

If you’re a high school student, this course will give you the fundamental skills in mobile robots and prepare you for careers in Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Robotics/Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and more.

How to Get Help

We are available by email and live chat to help students with the course.

Students that need additional help can book an appointment with Liz.

Backed by Experience & Guided by National Education Standards

We’ve carefully curated this Learn Robotics online course based on gaps and hands-on skills required for the Robotics and Automation Industry.

After spending years as an Automation Professional, Liz designed this course to get learners up-to-speed with critical prototyping skills necessary to be successful in the robotics and electronics space.

Learn Robotics Platform Remote Robotics Teaching Solution Mobile View

In addition to real-world experience, this course aligns with National Education Standards including NGSS, Common-Core, CSTA, and Georgia Standards of Excellence. We’ve found that organizations in other states can easily align our content with their local standards as well.

Course Access & Requirements

Your account access will be emailed to you after your order is processed. Accounts are typically created within 1 business day.

This Learn Robotics Online course is 100% virtual, which means you’ll need a laptop computer (Mac or Windows) with admin rights to install software and a reliable Internet connection.

The course is self-paced, and we provide guidelines on how to pace yourself while learning online.

Students have 12 months to finish the course and can upgrade to lifetime access by contacting Liz directly. All learners who complete this course and earn a certificate will be automatically enrolled in our Verified by Learn Robotics Professional Reference Program.

Our courses have accessibility tools and are compatible with the Google Translate Chrome App and can be translated to most languages.

Finish the Course & We’ll Be Your Reference!

Complete the course and earn 80% on our Final Quiz to earn a Certificate.

You’ll also become part of our Verified by Learn Robotics program, which means you can list Learn Robotics as a reference on your job or college application and resume.

If your future employer calls us as a reference check, we’ll verify you! Simple as that!


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