(L1) Code with Hardware

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Have fun and learn about electronics and sensors with hands-on lessons that you can complete at home! Our Level 1 online electronics course makes it easy for individuals of all backgrounds to gain project-based coding and circuit skills. Now you can take our lab-based electrical engineering course directly from the comfort of your home. Great for personal enrichment and professional development!

By taking this Learn Robotics course you’ll develop foundational coding and circuit skills that will help you develop electronic devices from start to finish.

Designed and produced in consultation with engineers and National Education Standards, our Arduino for Beginners Online Course should give you the practical tech skills to get a jumpstart on your career.

In this online course, you will create a working electronic device to understand how data is collected from sensors.

Learn directly from Robotics Engineer, Liz Miller, and gain fundamental skills in circuits, sensors, signal processing, and Inputs/Outputs (I/O).

Learn to build robots from Robotics Engineer, Liz Miller. You can walk away with invaluable skills and a project portfolio that will set you apart on college applications, job applications, resumes, and more.

We’ve had students go on to work at Amazon, pursue Engineering School, and Get Promotions by applying concepts from our program. You can do this too with methods from this program.

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