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Graduate & Learner Success Stories

"Liz, I have to give you a testimony. I feel like I owe you some more money. I definitely got a return from the program. Now I am working as a Senior Mechanical Engineer at a startup that uses mechatronics and automation. You stuck with me and kept me focused throughout the process, which means a lot to me."

Steven R.
Steven R.

VIP Mentorship

"Even though I started this program with what was almost zero understanding of robotics, I now have the knowledge to create the code for robots. The hands-on learning was a lot of fun โ€” it definitely didn't feel like school. I had a lot of fun playing with some of the labs that I worked on in this program! Thank you Liz (and the Learn Robotics Team) for such a great program."

Arron A.
Arron A.

Robotics Certification

"Knowing next to nothing about robotics, this course was my guide. The lessons Liz put together were fantastic. And I want to thank Adam in Customer Service for his patience as I asked questions while learning. Today, I'm confidently working on my own mini projects and looking for an internship in aerospace."

Gerald F.
Gerald F.

Robotics Certification

"I learned to code in less than 5 weeks โ€” Robotics isn't just for Einsteins. Learn Robotics makes the process fun and effective. If you're interested in robotics, you should join this program. It's helped me prepare for college without any previous experience!"

Sam J.
Sam J.

Robotics Certification

"When I first began this journey, I had zero experience in robotics and was hesitant about my ability to grasp complex concepts. But from the get-go, this course was intuitive, clearly tailored for individuals like me. One thing that truly stood out, beyond the incredible content, was the outstanding customer support. I had several queries along the way, and each time, Adam was there with prompt, clear, and concise assistance. It's rare to find a course that marries excellent content with stellar support, but this one nailed it."

Jimmy W.
Jimmy W.

Robotics Certification

"Liz at Learn Robotics is fantastic! Our daughter completed the first class last year and loved it so much she asked me to register for additional classes. As a female planning to become an engineer, our daughter was extremely encouraged by Liz in her work. She also learned so much and it provided the spark for her to pursue engineering as a career. Thank you Liz for an amazing program!"

Michelle H.
Michelle H.

Robotics Certification

"I went in curious and came out confident, all thanks to those hands-on projects. Now, I've got a portfolio that's turning heads. Already landed a job interview next week! You can spend time taking classes or you can go after the high-paying opportunities. I'm so glad I bet on myself and gave this a shot."

Dennis P.
Dennis P.

Robotics Certification

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