If We Could Implement Your School's Robotics Program in 7-Days and...

  • Train your staff so that they feel confident teaching robotics…
  • Set up the materials, lesson plans, quizzes, and assessments…
  • Send a pre-sorted, labeled, and organized kit for every student so that they could experience hands-on learning…
  • Automatically grade your school’s assignments saving hours of time…
  • Give you a Paint-by-Numbers Solution, so simple anyone non-technical could follow it

…would you take us up on that offer?

Bold claims, but we’ve done them all with High Schools, Colleges, Non-Profits, and Universities across the United States.

Learn Robotics was founded by former Raytheon Engineer and Robotics Expert, Liz Miller. She’s spent the last decade in the robotics industry, training students and professionals, and consulting schools on how to run efficient and effective programs.

We can do the same for you!

If you’re tired of planning, troubleshooting, and coordinating highly technical content, and want to implement a program that will develop next-gen engineers, Learn Robotics can set up and launch your program in 7-days.

Feel confident that what you're teaching in the classroom will help students in the workforce

Robotics Curriculum for Schools
Robotics Curriculum for Schools

Know that what you're teaching in your classroom is how engineering is like in the workforce.

Roadmap and Results

You'll receive a roadmap on how run your robotics program so that your students get real results.

Every Student Gets a Robot

Our program is 1:1 robots — everyone should have the full experience of coding and robot building.

Robotics Curriculum for Schools Plus World-class Support

When you partner with Learn Robotics, you’ll receive a full customized roadmap for your robotics program, curriculum, materials, and support to ensure your program is a success. Our partners have exactly what they need to roll out a hi-tech, successful, and fun robotics program at their organization. (And support every step of the way.)

Learn Robotics Partner & Student Success Stories

Our Partners and Students win big when we challenge them to pursue excellence with robotics. Check out our recent Student Success Stories!

Rated 5/5
Keisha Taylor 👉 Senior Director at NAF Used Learn Robotics Programs to Bring Confidence and Excitement to Academy Teachers through Hands-On PD Programs

NAF is always aware of choosing partners who align with their core values. Keisha mentioned that Learn Robotics programs make engineering career paths achievable for students and give teachers technical support to feel confident in the classroom.

Rated 5/5
Tracy Wright 👉 STEM Director who noticed a Significant Difference Between Learn Robotics and Typical STEM Classes

Tracy is a STEM Director and Educator and audits robotics and STEM classes daily. Tracy and his son, Allen, were enrolled in our programs and noticed a huge difference in quality of how Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving were taught to build life-long skills.

Rated 5/5
Julia H. 👉 HS Student who's working on getting into Georgia Tech for Mechanical Engineering

Julia came to us with a passion for art and no background in robotics. Now she's working on going to Georgia Tech!

How We Help Schools Launch Successful Robotics Programs

Generate Robotics Talent and Build Your Next Robotics Success Stories. We offer 3 main services to help our partners: Robotics Curriculum, Educator Training, Consulting & Development.

Robotics Curriculum

Have the robotics lesson plans, materials, and projects you need to inspire students in Grades K-12.

Everything You Need to Start

Have lesson plans & materials ready to go

Educator Training

Know that what you're teaching is going to prepare students for engineering careers.

Feel Confident with Robotics

Coding and robotics training for educators

Consulting & Development

Have guided support designing, creating, and launching your robotics program. We work with you 1:1.

Have Support & Guidance

Work with us to design your robotics program

We can help you generate more technical talent, faster

Our success stories become our partners’ success stories when they add Learn Robotics Curriculum and programs to their organizations. Whether it’s a Classroom of 10 or a District of 10,000, we can help you increase student engagement and interest in STEM careers.

Professional Training

Help instructors gain the confidence to teach robotics and coding classes.

Education Consulting

We work with you to design a customized plan to roll out your robotics program.

College & Career Ready

Promote STEM careers with hands-on experiences that will boost their portfolios and resumes.

Curriculum & Robots

Purchase the right lesson plans and materials that will set your classroom up for success.

Excellent 5/5
"I joined Learn Robotics beause I wanted to have someone to help me while I work on robotics projects. Liz's content is great. Being able to ask her questions directly is a game-changer"
Frederick Ross
Excellent 5/5
"For any aspiring, seasoned, or non-traditional engineer who is looking for grounded and constructive advice about entering into robotics; Liz is a great mentor. Liz is a well-rounded roboticist as she has studied, worked, and researched the robotics industry. From our multiple conversations, the best part I’ve always appreciated is her ability to construct a game plan about the goals you want to achieve. I've met with other engineers and from experiences, I can say this, 'Everyone can provide advice, but very few can provide it with context and action behind it.'"
Angel Plaza
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The biggest reason why most organizations fail with their robotics curriculum is not because they don’t want robotics. It’s because they don’t have a good plan. It’s because they lack the confidence that what they’re teaching is comparable to the workforce. With Learn Robotics, your organization will have all of the tools, training, and technical know-how to help you inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. We’re here to help you!

Robotics Curriculum

Custom Roadmap

Robots for Everyone

Training & Support

Your Successful Robotics Program is Just a Call Away...

Liz Miller Learn Robotics

“If you aren’t sure how to set up a robotics program, but you know you need one, then you have to choose Learn Robotics. The training helped me understand robotics as a teacher. I feel relieved knowing that my lesson plans are ready to go, and I know what I’m going to do with my students to prepare them in STEM fields. Most of all, I want to thank Liz for helping me when I had questions. She’s a wealth of knowledge and her enthusiasm for helping me succeed shows.”

Victoria Nicholson
Partner, California, USA