Special Topics Robotics Course

Learn about various topics in robotics.

Special Topics Course

By taking this course you’ll learn about various coding, electronics, and robotics topics through hands-on projects.

Designed and produced in consultation with engineers and National Education Standards, our Learn Robotics Special Topics Course should give you a glimpse of the projects you can make with robotics skills.

Carefully Curated by Robotics Engineers

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Liz Miller
Founding Director, Learn Robotics

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Take Advantage of Learning from Home

Create Circuits from Scratch

Learn how to wire up circuits using common components, breadboards, protoboards, and microcontrollers.

Work with Sensors

Configure sensors for device and robotic decision-making. Develop a methodology for interfacing any three or four-pin sensor to a microcontroller. Then collect data and process it using conditional statements.

Finally Develop That Gadget!

Let’s face it. You probably have this really cool idea for a widget or gadget and want to bring it to life. In this course, we walk you through the process of mapping out your idea and designing a functional prototype from start to finish.

Get a Crash-Course in a Variety of Robotics Topics

Take the Next Steps by Building Projects

With extra time indoors, now is the perfect opportunity to advance your tech skills.

You should take advantage by picking up skills such as programming, circuits, and robotics.

Add the certificate and projects from this course to your portfolio, resume, and college/job applications.

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