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Are you ready to COMPETE?!

Welcome to the Learn Robotics Global Online Robotics Competition. I’m excited to see what kind of robots you build!

We’ve designed this online competition around the Mini WIFI Robot eBook. Everyone who enters the competition will get a FREE copy of the eBook to guide you through building your bot!

Does your robot stack up against the Competition?

Over the next 4 weeks, you’ll design, build, program, and test a mobile robot to compete in the Mini WIFI Robot Challenge. 

Award Categories

You can enter your robot in 1 of 3 Award Categories:

Best Overall: The best of the best in design, software, and performance
Most Innovative: The most creative robot design or implementation
Wildcard: Given to the robot that impresses the judges the most

The judges will be selecting a 1st Place and 2nd Place winner for each of the categories.

Oh, and in case you like PRIZES, we’ve got some awesome Robotics Kits, Sensor Packs, and LR SWAG up for grabs.

Here’s how to enter

This is a competition for individuals, so if you want to enter, you’ll have to snag a spot in this course, read the Competition Rules, and get to work.

First, enroll in the Robotics Competition Course. Then, read through the first lesson. You’ll be given more details of what type of robot to build and more specific rules of the competition.

Once you enroll in the Robotics Competition Course, you’ll be granted access to a FREE copy of the Mini WIFI Robot eBook. Use this as a guide and as inspiration while you’re creating your robot.

Lastly, add your own FLARE. Spice it up. Give your robot some personality. After you have it tested and working, record a 3-5 minute Entry Video introducing yourself, your robot, and running through a demo of its features. We’ll provide you with the scoring for this demo video inside the Competition Course. 

See how your Robotics Skills Stack Up Against Competitors Globally

While you’re competing, you’ll also be able to ask questions and get answers to your robotics questions directly from Liz and our other Robotics Engineers.

Remember to read the Competition Rules prior to building your robot! You can also use the included eBook as a guide while you’re designing your entry!

To join the competition, simply scroll up, and click the ENTER COMPETITION button, above!

Required Materials
You must use an Arduino-compatible WIFI Microcontroller. We recommend one of the following options:

All entries that use Single-board Computers (such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black) will be disqualified.

Recommended Components

For a full BOM, refer to the Build Your Robot section of the Contest Course.

This contest presumes you already have access to a computer/laptop (Mac/Windows/Linux) and your network router.

Other items that are helpful for development

View more parts and equipment in the Mini WIFI Robot Kit.

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