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Learn Robotics Live is a Special Topics Course to Help You Gain Robotics Skills. In this series of lessons, we are going to see how to configure various controllers and sensors for data collection.


  • Oct 4: RGB LED with Arduino
  • Oct 11: Glowing Ghosts Circuit Project
  • Oct 18: Robot Jeep Part 1
  • Oct 25: Robot Jeep Part 2
  • Nov 1: Robot Jeep Part 2
  • Nov 8: Read Sensors with Arduino
  • Nov 15: Internet of Things Part 1
  • Nov 22: Internet of Things Part 2

Learn these robotics skills in REAL-TIME!

  • How to configure an Arduino board?
  • How to write code for Arduino?
  • What are sensors and how do we use them?
  • Data decision-making and applications

Follow along and finish all of the lessons and receive a Completion Certificate!

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Arduino, Coding, Circuits, Sensors

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No previous experience is required, but a basic understanding of programming will better prepare you for success in LR Online Courses.

Free Robotics Course Information

Gain Tech Skills when you Build Interdisciplinary Projects

What You’ll Learn

Create Circuits from Scratch

Learn how to wire up circuits using common components, breadboards, protoboards, and microcontrollers.

Set up Sensors for Devices

Configure sensors for device and robotic decision-making. Develop a methodology for interfacing any three or four-pin sensor to a microcontroller. Then collect data and process it using conditional statements.

Develop New IoT Gadgets

Let’s face it. You probably have this really cool idea for a widget or gadget and want to bring it to life. In this course, we walk you through the process of mapping out your idea and designing a functional prototype from start to finish.

What You’ll Build

  • A robot from start to finish
  • Devices that are connected to the Internet
  • Circuits that work without controllers
  • Prototypes build on breadboards and perf boards
  • Code that can be expanded on for future projects
  • Portfolio of technical projects for college apps & resumes

Don’t Forget Tools & Parts

We Make Robotics Fun & Educational

Want the Full Learning Experience?


Every lesson includes a Bill of Materials (BOM)


Gain Robotics Skills using Industry Hardware


Reuse components for this course and personal projects


Gain Soldering, Prototyping, Building, and Software skills


Full-Length Videos that walk through the whole process

Student Success Story

Individuals can Learn Too!

I recommend this course to all people who would like to learn Arduino, Robotoics, and fundamentals of Internet of Things (IoT). Learners just have to invest in the learning materials for more comprehensive learning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Learn Robotics Live?

Learn Robotics Live was a weekly robotics course that aired “live” back in the Fall of 2019. We added all of the lessons into an online course and offer it on our website for you to access all in one place.

The goal of LR Live is to make robotics accessible and fun while helping you gain an assortment of technical skills.

When you join the Free Robotics Course and complete all of the lessons, you’ll be eligible for a Course Certificate that can be used on resumes, portfolios, and applications.

Do I need to take this course or can I jump into Arduino for Beginners?

If you do not have a technical background, I recommend starting with Arduino for Beginners. This course is designed for all levels and covers a range of subjects from soldering to coding to Intermediate IoT concepts. If you’re looking for an in-depth learning experience, then this course won’t be a good fit.

However, if you already have some robotics and tech experience, this course can expand your knowledge across robotics, circuitry, and IoT development.

Remember, the course is free, so I encourage you to try it out and see if it works for your learning style. You literally have nothing to lose!

Do I need anything for the course?

Yes. You will need assorted hand tools, a soldering iron, and a computer for the course. Each lesson has a Bill of Materials that you can purchase to complete the project.

How difficult is the material to learn?

This course is designed for all levels, meaning some lessons might be super easy, and some lessons might be super difficult.

That’s just the nature of teaching an “all-level” Special Topics Course. Every lesson has a full-length (20-45 min) video explaining how to build the project.

If you have questions at any point during the course, we’re here to help you. Just keep in mind that it is a free course, and we can only answer questions related to the course material (and not personal projects or homework).

How long do I have access to the course?

You have 100% Lifetime access to the course. We also don’t impose a time limit on how long you have to complete the course.

If I'm older, can I really learn this stuff?

The content is designed for beginners of all ages, with or without any experience with coding or electronics.

If you have basic computer experience (downloading files, typing, installing programs) and a desire to learn engineering skills, while building projects, then this course is for you!

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is self-serve, so it really depends on how fast you learn the material and how much time you put into it.

I’ve seen students complete the course in as little as 2 weeks.

Most students spend roughly 1-2 hours working on the course per week.

Do I get a certificate for completing the course?

Yes. After you complete the coursework, you’ll be rewarded a Course Certificate.

Who teaches the course?

The instructor for the course is Liz Miller, a Robotics Engineer. Her experience spans tenures at UPenn GRASP Lab, MIT Robotics Prep courses, and Engineering work for United Technologies Corporation.

Liz is also the creator of Learn Robotics and has extensive industry experience writing controls code for a variety of Industrial Automation equipment.

She’s also taught robotics to hundreds of students in person and thousands of students around the globe.

I have a technical question about my specific project. Will you help me?

We are happy to help you with any questions you have about the lessons or course work.

Custom project support is not included in the course. We offer individual consultations booked by the hour if you need assistance with your specific device.

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