Build & Code Mobile Robots

Develop autonomous robots to solve challenges.

Build Arduino Robots

By taking this course you’ll develop foundational robotics skills that will help you develop mobile robots to solve real-world challenges.

Designed and produced in consultation with engineers and National Education Standards, our Build Arduino Robots Online Course should give you experience reading datasheets, interfacing sensor hardware, and creating mechatronic systems that perform specific tasks.

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Liz Miller
Founding Director, Learn Robotics

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Take Advantage of Learning from Home

Jumpstart Your Robotics Engineering Career

There are a ton of robotics kits you can buy where 99% of the programming and configuration is done for you.

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamental components of a robot, source these components, and build, wire, and program everything from scratch.

The coolest part about this class is that you’ll get real experience solving challenges with autonomous robots.

Write Motor Controller Code

Motor control is a critical part of robotics. But how do motor controllers work? How do you interface a mechanism with an electrical system?

In this course, we’ll guide you through the process of interpreting motor controller datasheets so that you can add autonomy to your robot.

P.S. This skill isn’t just useful for building hobby robotics. Interpreting datasheets and using motor controllers is a highly valuable skill for those of you looking to get into the field of automation engineering.

Interface Hardware with Software

Start by gaining hardware-software coding skills. Collect readings from sensors and add functionality to make autonomous decisions.

Then, learn how to reuse and optimize code.

You can learn the tricks for reusing and deciphering data to make decisions automatically. Save yourself time and automate the process!

Join the Next Generation of Roboticists 

Accelerate Your Robotics Knowledge

Now more than ever, it’s the perfect opportunity to advance your robotics skills.

If you’re fascinated by tinkering, building, and innovation, then you’ll enjoy the interactive nature of Build Arduino Robots.

Then, when you complete the course, you can add the certificate and projects to your portfolio, resume, and college/job applications.

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