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Materials and Prerequisites

We’re keeping things really simple for this course.  You may opt to use an online simulator such as Tinkercad.com. Or, you can pick up a physical kit and follow along with the lessons. The kits range from $25-$55 depending on what you pick, and if you can afford to buy a kit, I recommend going this route. Nothing replaces hands-on experience wiring up a circuit.

Here’s the list of components you’ll need:

  • 1X Red LED
  • 1X Yellow LED
  • 1X Green LED
  • 1X Blue LED
  • 4X 220-ohm resistors
  • 2X 10K-ohm resistors
  • 5K or 10K potentiometer
  • 400-pin breadboard
  • Arduino Uno
  • USB cable (type A to type B) also known as a “printer cable”
  • Photoresistor
  • Assorted jumper wires

You can certainly buy the components individually, but we’ve found that if you pick up a kit, you’ll save a bit of money.

Here’s our recommended kit list:

And, if you’re not an Amazon prime member, here’s a link to get free 2-day shipping.


This course is designed for the absolute beginner using Arduino. While prior programming experience is helpful, it’s not required.

Skills required for this course are listed below:

  • Basic Typing/Keyboarding
  • Computer skills: downloading, installing, and launching programs, Saving Files
  • Elementary Algebra
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