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Work with Liz Miller and the Learn Robotics Team to shift your career into the robotics industry. We help professionals add robotics to their resumes and launch their high-paying careers in coding, robotics, and automation.

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Customized Robotics Roadmap

You'll receive a customized roadmap designed to get you into your dream robotics career.

Technical Training & Projects

We'll train you on the coding, electronics, and robotics skills you need to land your role.

Career Coaching & Advising

Gain confidence in technical interviews. We'll help you prepare and land top job offers.

Know Exactly How to Start in the Robotics Industry

We work with you 1:1 to define a clear plan on what to study, how to utilize skills you already have, and the practical experiences to highlight so that you have success in the robotics industry. Our robotics training for professionals helps you create a roadmap and are custom for each of our students.  You’ll have unlimited support to help you execute your roadmap every step of the way.

Recent Student Success Stories

Our students win big when we challenge them to pursue excellence with robotics. Check out our recent Student Success Stories!

Angel Plaza Testimonial Cover
Rated 5/5
Angel P. 👉 College Grad went from ZERO job offers to working full-time at Amazon as a Robotics Engineer

Angel was looking for a straightforward way to get job offers after college. He worked with Liz to secure multiple offers and decided on a Robotics Engineering role with Amazon.

Rated 5/5
Allen W. 👉 HS Student won 2X Science Fairs and leveraged Learn Robotics to Get into Prestigious STEM School

Allen talks about his experience in Learn Robotics Programs and how it helped him stand apart in his robotics and technical classes.

Nicola Student Success Story
Rated 5/5
Nicola Z. 👉 Barista to Robotics Startup Programming Pour Over Coffee Robots

Nicola started out as a barista serving coffee at a local shop. Now he's a software engineer writing code for a startup that specializes in pour over coffee robots. Talk about a smart career move!

Robert Kozak Robot Dog
Rated 5/5
Robert K. 👉 Mechanical Engineer creates Robot Dog to Add to his Resume

Robert came to Learn Robotics looking for help on a passion project — a model of Spot the Robot dog. We helped him gain clarity around his project so that he could add robotics to his resume.

Rated 5/5
Julia H. 👉 HS Student who's working on getting into Georgia Tech for Mechanical Engineering

Julia came to us with a passion for art and no background in robotics. Now she's working on going to Georgia Tech!

We Help You Enter the Robotics Industry Faster than Traditional Education

Leverage the success of our robotics experts and craft a plan that makes sense for your career move into robotics. Our Alternative Education program provides robotics training for professionals and helps you land a top career that you love.

Custom Roadmap

Know the exact steps you need to follow to be successful.

Personal Roadmap

Your Plan into Robotics

Robotics Training

Learn the most important skills you get the robotics career you want.

Technical Training

Know the Robotics Lingo

Career Development

Land a professional career in robotics and automation.

Career You Love

Land a Top Robotics Career

Gain Clarity on Your Next Steps

If you’re looking for a personalized path into robotics without spending years in a generic degree program, then let’s chat. Our students finish in 6-12 months and grow their robotics careers faster than traditional programs.

Excellent 5/5
"For any aspiring, seasoned, or non-traditional engineer who is looking for grounded and constructive advice about entering into robotics; Liz is a great mentor. Liz is a well-rounded roboticist as she has studied, worked, and researched the robotics industry. From our multiple conversations, the best part I’ve always appreciated is her ability to construct a game plan about the goals you want to achieve. I've met with other engineers and from experiences, I can say this, 'Everyone can provide advice, but very few can provide it with context and action behind it.'"
Angel Plaza
Excellent 5/5
"I joined Learn Robotics because I wanted to have someone to help me while I work on robotics projects. Liz's content is great. Being able to ask her questions directly is a game-changer"
Frederick Ross

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Robotics is the future. If you want the clearest path into automation, coding, robotics, research, or industry professions, then you’ll want to join the Learn Robotics Bootcamp Program. We’ll create a plan that makes sense and help you execute it from start to finish. Our average students add $30K+ to their annual salary when they make the switch into a robotics career. Feel confident every step of the way with our professional guidance and mentorship.

Custom Roadmap

1:1 Mentorship

Learn Tech Skills

Career Development

Work with Liz to Build Your Successful Robotics Career Bootcamp

Liz Miller Learn Robotics

You’re here because you value technology and want a career you can be proud of. But, perhaps you need some help gaining clarity. Maybe you’re frustrated working alone. Maybe you’re confused on how to begin or what to learn. 

We have students who start from zero and bring them into the robotics industry into high-paying roles they love. 

If you’re ready to make a move, I’m here to support you, guide you, and help you, every step of the way.

Book a call with me, and I’ll help you figure out what makes sense for your career. If you’re a good fit for our programs, you’ll have an opportunity to join and work with me 1:1.

Let’s chat, and I promise, this call can be the launching point that changes your life and your career forever.

Liz Miller
Founder/CEO of Learn Robotics