What Arduino Kit Should I buy? Best Arduino Kits 2018

What Arduino Kit should I buy

Arduino projects are becoming more common these days. If you want to make your own devices, dabble in the world of electronics, or improve your coding skills, Arduino is a good place to start. We’ve scoured the internet to find you our top picks for Arduino Kits.

Best Arduino Starter Kits

Looking for your first Arduino kit? These are our recommendations.

what Arduino kit should I buy?

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  • 44 Pc Set with Assorted Sensors
  • Includes Arduino Uno + Shield
  • Organize parts with the case
  • Used in LR Tutorials
  • Contains 7-seg Display & Motor
  • Includes Arduino Uno + Shield

  • Used in LR Tutorials
  • Includes RFID Sensor + Keypad
  • Over 63 Pcs included with case

Best Arduino Kits for IoT or Home Automation

If you’re looking to get into Internet of Things (IoT), we recommend these kits.

what Arduino kit should I buy

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  • Used in LR Tutorials
  • Includes shields for Wemos
  • Great for Beginner IoT Projects
  • Used in LR Tutorials
  • Includes NodeMCU
  • Sturdy Container for Storage

  • Uses Official Arduino MRK1000
  • Includes a variety of componets
  • Combines Zero with Wifi

Best Arduino Kits for Robotics

Ready to build a Robot? Take a look at these Arduino Robot kits.

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  • Used in LR Tutorials
  • Everything you need to build a fully functional Mobile Robot
  • Great value for the price

  • 6DOF programmable arm
  • Arduino & Scratch-compatible
  • Rugged, Full Metal Construction

What Arduino Kit Should I Buy?

The Verdict

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Arduino kits. If I was looking for an Arduino Uno kit, I would recommend getting the Elegoo Uno Complete Starter Kit. With everything you could possibly need to get started, it truly is a Complete Starter kit. You’ll also save yourself a bit of money buying the components as a bundle rather than individually. If you want to grow into a kit, this is the one I’d recommend, hands down.

Better Pick for IoT

Now, if I wanted a kit for home automation projects, I’d recommend buying the Osoyoo NodeMCU kit. I’m amazed at how nicely this kit is packaged and includes many sensors and widgets for the price.

This kit is versatile enough that you can use it across projects and for a variety of prototypes. It’s also super affordable, making it a must-have for those getting started with electronics.

If you have any inclination of getting into connected devices or home automation, this kit provides everything you need to get started!

Ready to Make Something?

Once you have your kit, be sure to check out our most popular tutorials and projects!

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What Arduino kit did you pick?

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