Discover the "Underground Method" Used by Successful Engineers to Leverage Robotics in Their Careers

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Why robotics is a great activity for students

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With all the different activities to choose from —dance, gymnastics, soccer, football, music, scouting, etc.— students have many options to pursue. Robotics is becoming a new pastime. Not just a class in school or an organized team. We can all thank Amazon for making everything—including robotics and electronics—more accessible.

Like every other after school activity or sports team, robotics is an investment. The kits can be expensive. The resources needed to teach a class or provide quality education don’t come without a price. But that doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t participate. There are ways to afford robotics lessons and classes. 

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Meet the Learn Robotics community classes. We bring our popup classes to community venues near you. Our staff is knowledgable about robotics education with over six years of robotics education experience and an advanced robotics degree. Robotics kits and computers are also available for each of our classes.

So while some students are better at sports, others prefer to work on technical projects. Robotics is the combination of electronics, mechanics, and computer science. If your child likes to create, build, design, or write code, then robotics is a perfect weekend activity. Our small group classes (usually 12 students or less) are catered to each student’s development needs and backgrounds. Provide the platform for your child to succeed by enrolling in a Learn Robotics class, today!

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Discover the Underground Method Used by Successful Engineers to Leverage Robotics in Their Careers


Learn Robotics helps self-starters, hobbyists, and tech professionals get started in the robotics industry. 

We leverage a simple formula to make it easy to gain highly marketable robotics & automation skills. 

Our students work in top robotics careers, adding more meaning to their lives, all while increasing their income.

Learn Robotics was founded by Robotics Engineer, Liz Miller, and leverages the Robotics Success Equation, our unique methodology that helps people learn to build robots while enhancing their careers for the future.

You can watch the free robotics career training and to learn more about the Robotics Success Equation.

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