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Robot Video Mash-Up Highlight Reel 2018

Robot Video Year in Robotics 2018

Before we wrap up for the Christmas break, I wanted to share a quick motivational Robot Video and some technology you can check out over the vacation! 😉 This Robot Video is a mash-up of many robots, software, & tech that’s been compiled for 2018. I hope you enjoy it (and find it entertaining). If you did, be sure to share this post with a friend who loves robots!

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Robots Featured in this Video

Here are the robots & technologies featured in this video!

Arduino Uno + RFID (Workbook here)

FANUC, KUKA, Motoman Industrial Robots

Arduino + LCD Eyes

TurtleBot 2 + ROS

Arduino Uno Kit (Starter Guide here)

Elegoo Smart Robot Car V3 (Tutorials here)

Arduino Nano Kit (How to use a breadboard)

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Atlas Humanoid Robot

Arduino Robot Arm: Frame, Servos, Controller (Servo Tutorial)

Bat Car with Arduino

Lego Mindstorms (Intermediate Projects here)

Arduino Hand (Join our Robotics eCourse here)

Skittles Sorter (Should you get a 3D Printer?)

2WD Arduino Robots

Industrial 3D printers 

Water Bottle Flipping Contest Robots


Our Regularly Scheduled posts will resume on December 27th, 2018. Merry Christmas LR Family!

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