EXCLUSIVE TRAINING: Learn Robotics At Home & Unlock Highly Desirable $100,000 Tech Skills to Advance Your Career

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How Learn Robotics Can Save Your School Money $

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Learn Robotics At Home & Gain Highly Desirable $100,000 Tech Skills to Advance Your Career… for ‘Absolute Beginners’ looking to learn robotics at home …without needing access to a robotics lab!

Robotics is an expensive field to get into due to the nature of the equipment, kits, tools, and resources needed to be successful. Here at Learn Robotics, we view robotics education as an investment in an interdisciplinary, STEM/STEAM education. Because the biggest barriers preventing schools from having robotics is the cost and lack of experience with the subject, Learn Robotics has developed processes designed to train your staff while saving you money over time. Read on for more information.

1) We’ll develop your class using resources you already have.

  • Our classes are compatible with Chromebooks, Laptops, Netbooks, Computer Labs, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPads.
  • Curriculum is developed to align with your school’s guidelines and objectives.
  • If you’ve previously purchased robotics kits, we can develop curriculum around these kits or recommend new solutions for your class.

2) Our qualified robotics instructors travel to your location to teach classes.

how learn robotics can save your school money robotics class

Every Learn Robotics instructor has experience teaching robotics to both students and faculty. Instructors will work directly with students to ensure that the subject is understood and applied correctly.

Plus, with every Learn Robotics class, you have the opportunity to…
  • Choose your class day and time*;
  • Offer reoccurring daily, weekly, monthly classes to keep students engaged;
  • Select from 6-week or 8-week class packages held at your location**;
  • Use our variety of Robotics Kits including VEX EDR, VEX iQ, Lego Mindstorms EV3, and Arduino during the classes.
  • Reduce your travel expenses (airfare, lodging, rental cars, etc.) since we come to you!

how learn robotics can save you money

3) Provide Robotics Training Specifically Designed for Robotics Educators

Robotics Onboarding Program

Elect to take our Robotics Onboarding Program designed to get your robotics program going in as little as 3 months! Learn Robotics will provide both student classes and professional faculty training (RoboEd) over a 6 or 8 week period.

Earn Your Professional Certificate

The RoboEd Certificate is a 12-hour hands-on approach to providing a platform that your faculty can use to design, implement, and sustain interactive robotics classes.

Affordable Training Solutions

We’ll work with your school to provide a cost-effective solution, no matter what your budget is.

4) Implement a Robotics Program in as little as 3 months!

Roadmap Development

Reduce your lead time to implementing a robotics program. Our experienced team will work with your administration to design a roadmap specific to your district or school system.

100% Guarantee

With Learn Robotics, you’ll receive 100% satisfaction and 100% support as you develop your robotics program. We will work with you to ensure that your robotics program is successful.

Short Lead-Time

Utilize our Robotics Onboarding Program. We’ll teach the first 6 student classes while training your faculty through the RoboEd Certificate program.

Ready to bring robotics to your school?

Schedule your FREE consultation with our robotics education experts.

* Class schedule is subject to date/time availability.
** Now serving schools and organizations within 2 hours of Columbus, Georgia (USA)

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Learn Robotics At Home & Gain Highly Desirable $100,000 Tech Skills to Advance Your Career

For ‘Absolute Beginners’ looking to learn robotics at home …without needing access to a robotics lab


Learn Robotics helps self-starters, hobbyists, and tech professionals get started in the robotics industry. 

We leverage a simple formula to make it easy to gain highly marketable and high-value 6-figure robotics & automation skills. 

Learn Robotics was founded by Robotics Engineer, Liz Miller, and leverages the Robotics Success Equation, our unique methodology that helps people learn to build robots while enhancing their careers for the future.

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