How to Earn the Girl Scout Robotics Badge

Are you a Girl Scout? Find out how to earn your robotics badges in this article.

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You probably stumbled on this article because you’re looking for ways to earn your Girl Scout Robotics Badge. No matter what age or skill level you’re at, this article is a comprehensive guide to help you earn your robotics badge.

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The Girl Scout Robotics Badge can be a little confusing, so I put together this chart of all the badges you can earn.

Download a printable version of this chart: Girl Scouts Robotics Badges Table (PDF)

You’ll notice that at Brownie level and up, the badge names are all the same. The badges increase in difficulty and you’ll learn more about robots over time. As with most badges, they are what you make of them. And unlike cooking or arts and crafts, robotics can be a very overwhelming subject for people to teach.

Does that sound like you?

This article will explain how to teach robotics so that your scouts acquire technical skills. Oftentimes this is ignored or overlooked because people aren’t comfortable enough with tech to teach robotics. And, quite frankly, that’s okay. You don’t have to be a robotics wizard or an engineer to help your troops gain these skills.

All you need are the right materials, resources, and a push in the right direction. Let’s dive into it!

Things to Consider before working on the Girl Scout Robotics Badge

Robotics is just like signing up for a new sport. Just like you need uniforms, soccer balls, a coach, and equipment, you’ll need robotics kits, computers, Internet Access, and projects to work on. If you’re looking for an activity that costs little to nothing to do, robotics is probably not the activity to do with your troop.

However, if you’re looking for a cost-effective turnkey program that has everything you need to host your robotics class, I recommend checking out my Robotics Education Consulting Services. We’ve helped organizations across the United States transform their idea of robotics into a reality! Plus, you don’t need to know anything about robotics to get started. And, you can host your meetings both virtual and in-person! Request a call with one of our Education Specialists, today!

Expect to spend roughly $100 to $200 per robotics kit. To keep costs low, have students bring a laptop to code on. Another option is to reserve computers at your library. Most libraries have computer labs or laptops you can borrow if you’re running a group event. If you need funding for this activity, consider hosting a fundraiser. A lot of organizations provide funding to troops if they’re learning STEM topics. Robotics is no exception!

student playing with lego mindstorms

I recommend having one robot for groups of two or three students. Any more than this and you risk wandering minds. Students will have a hard time focusing if they don’t have a robot to work with. If you have a troop of 12 girls, then I recommend having at least 4-6 robots on hand. It also doesn’t hurt to have a spare. In addition to the kits, you’ll need to charge the batteries and have any required tools handy before your workshop.

Depending on the robotics kit that you choose, you could also charge scouts an activity fee. This could be anywhere from $30-$80 per girl and cover the robotics kit costs for all of the badges. If you plan on completing every robotics badge, then $80 per scout ends up being less than $30 per session.

TL;DR: Robotics is an investment. But with some careful planning and creative thinking, you can work this activity into your next Girl Scouts meeting!

Daisy Girl Scout Robotics Badge

There are three Daisy Girl Scouts Robotics Badges designed to introduce robots to girls in grades K-1. Let’s take a look at each of these badges.

What Robots Do Badge

There are three steps to earning this badge.

earn daisy robotics badge what robots do

First, learn about robots. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How do robots work?
  • What are robots used for?
  • What are the components of a robot?

Next, create your robot. Grab some paper and create some sketches. Label all the parts of the robot and what they do.

Finally, collaborate with other scouts to draw your robots. This badge does not require robotics kits, but if you have one available, you can utilize it for the brainstorming and design phase.

How Robots Move Badge

The next badge is How Robots Move. You’ll learn all about programs (step-by-step instructions), the parts of the robot, and how to make robots move.

earn daisy robotics badge how robots move

While this sounds very simple at a high level, it is a critical part of robotics! You can program a robot to move or you can write out the steps to move your robot through a maze. It’s always more beneficial to be hands-on with robots if you have the opportunity.

Design a Robot Badge

Lastly is the “Design a Robot” badge for Daisy Girl Scouts. To earn this badge, plan and build a robot that solves an everyday problem.

design a robot badge daisy girl scouts

Maximize your learning with a robotics kit. The Meet Edison robot is an affordable option for Daisy and Brownie girl scouts. First, draw your robot on a piece of paper. Then assemble it using items from the kit. Lastly, write a program that moves the robot and helps solve a problem. Be sure to test your solution and make changes!

Best Robotics Kits for Daisy Girl Scouts

While all of the Daisy Robotics badges can be completed without a kit, not building a robot defeats the purpose of learning about robots. As with most new skills, just drawing robots or cutting them out of paper

With that said, here are some robotics kits designed for students ages 6-8 that you can purchase for your troop. If you plan on doing lots of STEM activities, it’s worth investing in kits that you can grow into.

Brownie Girl Scout Robotics Badge

For scouts in grades 2-3, the robotics badges are designed to get you thinking more about how robots are programmed and what they look like.

Programming Robots Badge

To earn this badge, you’ll create a simple robot, learn about sensors, write programs, and test out your logic.

programming robots badge brownie girl scouts

Robots are machines that automatically sense and react to their environments. Robots are comprised of mechanisms (wheels, pulleys, levers, etc.), programs, and sensors.

You can follow along with the Brownie Robotics Badge Requirements and complete an Hour of Code activity or pick up a robotics kit and program your robot to complete a task.

Designing Robots Badge

The goal of the Designing Robots Brownie Badge is to create a robot that helps other people or animals.

designing robots badge brownie girl scouts

A lot of robots imitate nature. For example, Spot by Boston Dynamics is modeled after a dog.

Your challenge is to design a robot that models a bumblebee. Then, you’ll create a simple mechanism that mimics a robot arm. Lastly, you’ll design and build a prototype robot for demonstration. Remember to program your robot if you’re using a kit or write down the steps (flowchart) that the robot uses to complete its task.

Showcasing Robots Badge

Lastly, there is the Showcasing Robots Badge for Brownie Girl Scouts. This badge is all about creating a presentation about how the robot was designed. You can create the presentation using PowerPoint or Video or present the presentation in front of an audience.

showcasing robots brownie girl scouts

Next, learn about robotics competitions and teams by visiting robotics events or talking to people who have competed in one. You can also read my guide on how to join a robotics team. Finally, schedule some time to see robots in action. Visit a museum, college, or workspace that has a working robot. If resources are short, here’s a pretty cool tour of the UPenn GRASP robotics lab given by the Penn Service Robot.

Best Robotics Kits for Brownie Girl Scouts

If you’d like to build some robots with your Brownie Troop, I recommend these kits. I recommend having scouts share the robots in groups of two or three.

All of these robots are great options if you plan on completing both the Brownie Robotics Badges and then advancing to the Junior Robotics Badges in the future.

Junior Girl Scout Robotics Badge

Enhance your robotics skills by completing the Junior Girl Scouts Robotics Badge. Once you finish these badges, you’ll know how to build and program robots.

Robots solve common or complicated problems that humans don’t want to or can’t do. Robots are comprised of mechanisms, electronics, and software. Some common components are photoresistors and Infrared sensors.

Programming Robots Badge

The first robotics badge will teach you more about algorithms and computer programming. Programmers first develop a set of steps that the robot needs to take to complete a task.

programming robots junior girl scouts badge

Then, they translate these steps into code. I recommend picking up an Arduino Kit and learning the four steps to writing code for your robot. Remember, programs often don’t work correctly on the first try. Make modifications to improve your program each time.

girl scouts robotics badges workbook download
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Troop Leaders: Confused about what to do for the robotics badges? Pick up our handy Girl Scouts Digital Workbook. This instant download will save you the hassle of figuring out what to do to earn your robotics badges! You don’t have to be a robotics person either! We’ve compiled the projects for you in this Workbook!

Designing Robots Badge

The next robotics badge for Junior Girl Scouts is the Designing Robots Badge. Explore the world of artificial intelligence (AI), then plan, build, and share a robot prototype that solves a global problem. If you’re looking for a cool AI robotics kit, I recommend the Google AI Voice kit that runs on a Raspberry Pi.

designing robots junior girl scouts badge

Once you have a design for your robot, you can create it using common materials or a robotics kit. Then make improvements and get feedback.

If you’ve completed previous robotics badges, then try to make this robot more sophisticated.

Note: Learn Robotics also has Robot Patches that you can add to your vest. Snag one here!

Showcasing Robots Badge

Lastly is the Showcasing Robots Badge. You’ll create a presentation to share how you designed your robot.

showcasing robots junior girl scouts badge

Then, you’ll teach others about robots and see robots in action.

Best Robotics Kits for Junior Girl Scouts

Searching for a robotics kit for your Junior Girl Scout troop? Then you’ll want to check out this list of awesome robotics kits for students ages 10-12.

Cadette Girl Scout Robotics Badge

The Cadette Girl Scouts Robotics Badges are designed to teach scouts in grades 6-8 how robots are built and programmed.

Programming Robots Badge

For the Cadette Programming Robots Badge, first, learn about the parts of a robot. Robots can “sense,” “think,” and “act.” This makes them different than traditional electronics. A robot consists of five parts: sensors, controllers, chassis, actuators, and effectors.

programming robots cadette robotics badge

For example, you can create a robot that responds to light. When the robot detects brightness, it’ll move forward. If the light sensors detect darkness, the robot will stop.

This robot was made using the Elegoo Smart Robot car kit. It’s an awesome kit that you can program to do a variety of robotic tasks.

Designing Robots Badge

The Designing Robots Cadette Robotics Badge is all about creating a robot prototype that can help people overcome daily obstacles.

designing robots cadette robotics badge

There are six challenge categories to pick from for this badge:

  1. Assistive Technology (robotic limbs and exoskeletons)
  2. Home care aides (companion robots for the elderly)
  3. Education (telepresence robots)
  4. Household (robot vacuums, pool cleaners, etc.)
  5. Farming (robots that milk cows, crop watering systems, etc.)
  6. Search and rescue (robots that go into disaster areas)

Pick one of the challenge categories above and then document your robotic solution. Then, plan the prototype by creating drawings for both the robot and its packaging. Finally, put the prototype together using a kit such as the Lego Mindstorms or VEX iQ set.

Showcasing Robots Badge

When you’re finished creating your robot, the last badge to earn is the Showcasing Robots badge.

showcasing robots cadette robotics badge

Learn more about different robotic events, competitions, and organizations. Then, create a presentation about the robot you designed. Finally, share your project with other Girl Scouts.

Best Robotics Kits for Cadette Girl Scouts

Since you’ll be creating real prototypes, it’s helpful to have a robotics kit that you can construct and program. Here are some great robotics kits that I recommend for Cadette Girl Scouts.

Tip: Ask us about our Girl Scout Robotics Set! We’ll send you all the components you need to earn the Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scout Robotics badges.

Senior Girl Scout Robotics Badge

The Senior Girl Scouts Robotics Badge is all about robot arms. Get ready to learn about hydraulic systems, degrees of freedom, and end effectors. Our Level 1 and Level 2 programs cover the concepts needed for all three of these badges. Click here to request information about Learn Robotics options for your Girl Scout Troop.

Programming Robots Badge

For the Programming Robots Badge, you’ll learn how robots work, explore the parts and systems that make up a robot, and then control robots by writing code.

programming robots senior robotics badge

The first project is to create a hydraulic robot arm. I recommend picking up a kit like the Pathfinders Robot, or you can use cardboard, popsicle sticks, and plastic syringes.

Here’s a cool video that explores this project.

Once you build your robot, create a flowchart or step-by-step instructions for how the robot will move. When you’re finished, you can use a controller like Arduino to practice your computer programming skills.

Designing Robots Badge

Next, you’ll work on the Designing Robots badge. The goal is to design and build a robotic prototype.

designing robots senior robotics badge

Robots are designed to go into places that humans can’t go easily. Your task is to think about how robots operate in extreme conditions and develop ideas to solve problems with a new robot design. Once you have your idea, create a plan to build a robotic prototype. Include tools and materials, the deadline, documentation, and packaging in your plans.

Finally, build and program your robot using a kit such as the Makeblock Ultimate kit

Troop Leaders: Confused about what to do for the robotics badges? Pick up our handy Girl Scouts Digital Workbook. This instant download will save you the hassle of figuring out what to do to earn your robotics badges! You don’t have to be a robotics person either! We’ve compiled the projects for you in this Workbook!

girl scouts robotics badges workbook download
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Showcasing Robots Badge

The last robotics badge for Senior Girl Scouts is the Showcasing Robots badge. First, create a presentation about the robot you built.

showcasing robots senior robotics badge

Then, pitch your presentation to others for feedback. Next, host a mini robotics competition, and finally explore robotics opportunities in high school, college, and beyond.

Best Robotics Kits for Senior Girl Scouts

Need kits for your Senior Girl Scout troop? These are some options I recommend.

In addition to kits, you’ll need laptops to program with. The majority of these kits work with both Windows and Mac systems but check with your particular kit before committing to laptops.

Ambassador Girl Scout Robotics Badge

Why should you earn your Ambassador Girl Scouts robotics badge? The more you know about how robots work, the better prepared you’ll be to solve technical problems in the future. Robotics is an interdisciplinary subject. The skills you learn in robotics translate directly to problem-solving, teamwork, and thinking critically. These are excellent skills to build as you’re developing your career.

Programming Robots Badge

The first badge in the series is the Programming Robots badge. The goal is to create a motorized robot and learn how robot components work together. The Learn Robotics Level 2 course covers these concepts in greater detail if you’re looking for ways to bring a hi-tech program to your troop!

programming robots ambassador robotics badge

I recommend the Elegoo Smart Car for this project. You can follow along with the free robotics series to construct a robot that moves and senses its environment.

Designing Robots Badge

For the Ambassador Designing Robots Badge, you’ll use the Design Thinking Process to walk through the process of identifying, researching, and developing solutions for your robot.

designing robots ambassador robotics badge

Then, you’ll create a plan and develop a robot that solves a problem. Finally, build and test a robot to demonstrate how it works. I recommend using an Arduino controller or Raspberry Pi for the robot framework.

If you don’t have access to robot kits, check out my CAD modeling tutorial on how to design a robot arm using Fusion 360.

Showcasing Robots Badge

Lastly, you’ll share your robot for the Showcasing Robots badge. Now that you build your robot prototype, it’s time to share your design with others.

showcasing robots ambassador robotics badge

Give a presentation about your work, then learn about robotics events, host a mini robotics competition, and find out about robotics career opportunities. If you’re interested in a technical career, it’s sensible to visit colleges or find a mentor who works in engineering. Go on factory tours, visit science museums, maker spaces, and engineering companies that use robots. With a little research, you can find robots in action around your community.

Best Robotics Kits for Ambassador Girl Scouts

Another alternative to robot kits is to create a CAD (Computer-Aided Design), model. Students can get a free trial of Fusion 360 software through Autodesk that’s compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Learn more about this software in my free Fusion 360 tutorial on how to design a custom robot arm.

Next Steps & More Resources

If you’re ready to take the next step and earn your Girl Scout Robotics Badge, then you’re going to want to select a kit and begin assembly. For younger scouts, I recommend the Meet Edison robots. For scouts in Middle and High School, I recommend Arduino robots.

Once you have your kit, you can begin working through each of the badges. Robotics is a very challenging, but rewarding subject. The key to understanding robotics is to practice!

Here are some articles to get you started with robotics:

If you’re looking for a more in-depth way to learn robotics, join me in my course, Build Arduino Robots, designed to take beginners through the process of building, wiring, and programming mobile robots.

Want the paint-by-numbers guide to earning your badges?

Pick up our handy Girl Scouts Digital Workbook. This instant download will save you the hassle of figuring out what to do to earn your robotics badges! You don’t have to be a robotics person either! We’ve compiled the projects for you so you can show up to your next troop meeting and start building robots!

girl scouts robotics badges workbook download
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