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Create a Budget for your Robotics Program

create a budget for your robotics program

Are you trying to create a budget for your robotics program? Are you uncertain how much money to factor into your program? Then this article is for you.

In this article, I reveal the Robotics Budget Template that I use to create robotics budgets for schools and organizations. But, first, let me introduce some expectations before we begin on budgeting.

Setting Realistic Expectations

While this may come across as a total shock to you, I want to be sure to set some realistic expectations before we start budgeting.

I recommend setting aside between $3,000-$5,000 for your robotics program. If you’re implementing a NEW program, I highly recommend having closer to that $5,000 mark.

While this number may surprise you, I want you to be aware that robotics kits, computers, electronics, and professional training all cost money. Therefore, to be successful with your program, I recommend building your budget to meet this range.

create a robotics budget

Can you be successful with robotics on a $1,000 budget? Yes, possibly. You can check out the new LR Ed Training Bundle that I’m offering for classrooms looking to jump into robotics.

Will you be able to run a robotics class for hundreds of kids on a $1,000 budget? Probably not.

You want to put yourself in a position of success, and not set yourself up to fail. Robotics is frustrating enough as a subject. Don’t let money problems add to that frustration. Part of the planning process will ensuring that you have proper funding in place before starting your robotics class.

Now that the real talk is over, let’s jump into the actual budgeting template.

Create a Robotics Budget (Template)

The Robotics Budget Template is a free resource that you can get when you download my eBook – The First 10 Steps to Starting a Robotics Program. Get your copy, then scroll down to watch the overview video on how to create your robotics budget.

If you need additional help or have questions, leave me a comment below. I read through every comment and respond to all of them, so don’t be shy! 🙂

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Overview Video

Honestly, this video should show you everything you need to know about creating your robotics budget using my robotics budget template. However, if you cannot watch the video right now, scroll down for the text-based instructions.

Step 1 – Answer These Questions, First!

Before calculating your budget, I recommend answering the following questions. This will not only help you complete the budgeting template, but will also provide structure to your class.

  1. Should students work individually, in pairs, or in groups?
  2. What kits, supplies, computers, or materials can you reuse for your robotics class?
  3. When will my budget renew? Every year? Every 3 years? Every Quarter? Etc. Etc.
  4. How long does it take for orders to arrive at the school?

More about these questions, can be found in the eBook. (So be sure to get a copy of that here.)

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Step 2 – Fill Out the Budget Template

In order to edit the Robotics Budget Template, you’ll need to download a copy of it for Excel or Make a copy for your own Google Account.

create a robotics budget

Then, open the “Budget” worksheet and fill out the YELLOW cells. These will be answers to the questions from Step 1. I recommend setting the Fluff % to 20%. Fluff is essentially money we’re setting aside to use at another time. Consider it like a savings account for your robotics program.

create a robotics budget

More information about the Fluff factor can be found in this article.

Note: the GRAY cells will automatically populate. The last number in the list (in blue) is the total amount of money I recommend spending on each kit.

Step 3 – Print out a Copy to Submit with your Proposal

Now that your budget template has been populated, create a PDF or print it out to include with your proposal.

create a robotics budget

The template is nice and clean and professional. I designed it so that you could easily submit it to your administration as part of your proposal.

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PD for Teachers

Did you try this template? What’d you think?

Let me know if this template helped you create a budget for your robotics program.

Drop a comment below if you have questions or suggestions for budgeting for your robotics program.

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