9 Amusing Robots That’ll Make You LOL

These are some of the most amusing robot applications I've seen floating around the internet.

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It’s National Robotics Week, so what better way to celebrate than to take a few minutes a look at these funny and amusing robots.

While most robots are built to serve a specific (and useful) purpose. Sometimes engineers just want to have fun and create robots to do funny or useless tasks.

Let’s take a look at these nine amusing, yet hilarious robots, that are floating around the world, today.

Amusing Robot 1. Find a Date Automatically

This robot arm is designed to “swipe right” on popular dating apps. The robot moves to three designated set points.

The end-effector has a stylus that works with your smartphone. While this may not be the most realistic way to find a date, it is amusing nonetheless.

[M] Preparing for Valentine’s with OpenManipulator-X! from robotics

Amusing Robot 2. The Loyal Cargo-Carrying Robot

Tired of carrying groceries and gear? If you live in the city, having your cargo-carrying robot is a cool option.

The gita robot, by Piaggio, is a two-wheeled robotic vehicle created in Boston. Gita has 360 vision and will follow you wherever you go. Learn more about gita, here.

Amusing Robot 3. The Beetl Dog Robot

Meet The Beetl robot. Similarly to the Roomba, the Beetl is designed to navigate your lawn looking for dog poop.

The Beetl is equipped with a front camera and computer vision to help it navigate and avoid bumping into other objects. If you’re tired of picking up after your dog, just have a robot do it for you!

Amusing Robot 4. Practice Guitar, without Practicing Guitar

If you’re a guitar student who hates practicing, then you can mod your guitar using some robotics skills.

The Guitar robot is programmed to play a regular acoustic guitar. Check it out, below!


Amusing Robot 5. Golfing Robot

Are you a good putter? This KUKA robot will put your skills to the test. It’s programmed to make perfect putts every time.

A combination of cameras and measurements are used to calculate the position and speed that the robot arm uses to hit the ball. The result is a perfect golf putt.


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Amusing Robot 6. Robot Playing Baseball

In addition to golf, robots are good at hitting baseballs too. Is this the work of real programming or is it fake? I’ll let you decide!


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Amusing Robot 7. Robotic Barista

If you’re a fan of coffee, then you’ll want this robot barista in your kitchen. The robotic barista uses two Universal Robots to make and pour your morning drink.

While there are a lot more set points added to the movement, this design is flexible for whatever type of coffee drink you’re making.


Amusing Robot 8. Join the Robot EDM Dance Party

Get ready to party with this DJ and Robotic Band. Multiple KUKA robots are programmed to mix music, play the drums and piano, and even dance.

Would you rather join or program the robot dance party?


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Amusing Robot 9. Robotic Chess Player

Are you looking for your next Chess Match? Try playing against this robot chess player.

This robot can pick up chess pieces, figure out its next move, and beat most human opponents.

It’s pretty impressive to see this robotic chess player calculate the current state of the game, and then act on its next move. You can watch the robot work its magic in the game, below.


Have you seen these robots?

What other amusing robots have you seen? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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