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At Learn Robotics, we have an irresistible opportunity to transform your local community into a viable tech-hub. Our goal is to help inspire others to gain coding, electronics, and robotics skills.

Through our Regional Program, you can now become part of our team and boost your income by bringing Learn Robotics programs to your community.
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Who's on the Regional Team?

We’re actively seeking affiliates, tech innovators, administrators, and influencers to help us expand Learn Robotics programs in key territories in the United States.

While anyone in the U.S. is free to apply, we are specifically looking for Content Creators, Community Leaders, Local Educators, and Engineers in the Tech space (i.e. existing STEM group, community club, email list, YouTube channel, popular website, etc.).

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Who We Are

Learn Robotics is a growing community of individuals, students, teachers, parents, makers, hackers, and engineers.

We know learning new things can be intimidating, challenging, and awkward. And, let’s face it. Robotics is a REALLY TOUGH subject. But it doesn’t have to be.

The LR Regional Team is designed to be a local resource for our growing Enterprise and Education Clients.

We're looking for the best to add to the team.

Regional Team Requirements

While we don’t expect you to have a Ph.D. in robotics, we do expect you to have a passion for tech, coding, and robotics. A background in engineering, education, and making is also helpful.

Our Regional Program is currently available for United States Residents, ages 18 and up. We are working hard to expand this program, globally. But at this time, we are not accepting international applications.

online Master's Degrees in Computer Science are Common. Student working on a computer program
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Let's see if we're a good match!

The Application Process

The application process includes two parts, starting with a brief questionnaire. If you pass our initial screening, you will be invited for a ZOOM interview. We are looking for folks who share our passion for providing the best online experience in Robotics Education. If you share that ambition, please apply!

After program acceptance, you’ll have 90-days to acquire your first sale to remain in good standing with our program. If you do not have a passion for robotics, and you aren’t motivated by the Learn Robotics mission, then please do not apply.

There are some pretty awesome perks, too!

Think you're a good fit?

Our Regional Program allows you to get paid for inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

If you’re crazy about tech, then this is a great way to earn extra cash, while helping others learn! As our team grows, expect monthly check-ins, virtual events, and promotional opportunities.

Bring the best in robotics programs to your community. It doesn’t get better than this. Apply to the program, and enjoy our generous commission rates!

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