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We’re passionate about equipping you with the right tools to be successful in the robotics industry.

Founded by Liz Miller

Liz Miller Learn Robotics

Robotics Engineer

Liz Miller is a robotics engineer with 10+ years of experience who has worked at companies such as Raytheon Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, and Carrier Corporation.

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Enroll in our courses, and Learn Robotics with Liz!

Liz found out that she had a knack for working on robots after accidentally attending a robotics club session. Now, she’s on a mission to bring others into the robotics industry.

Robotics = Applied Coding + Problem Solving

Liz has a bachelor’s degree in Robotics engineering from WPI and worked as a Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer, and Manufacturing Engineer at Fortune 50 companies. She’s taught thousands of students how to get their start in robotics through online courses, and live workshops through Learn Robotics.

Her students have a 99% success rate and the majority go on to pursue advanced careers, leveraging robotics and automation skills they used from her courses. 🌟 4.9/5

She’s also the founder and engineer behind Learn Robotics, a successful robotics training company with over 1 million+ visitors and 10’s of thousands of students globally.

When you join a Learn Robotics program, you’ll get the power of high-value training backed by industry expertise.

Our mission

We believe that by equipping people with the resources needed to gain technical skills, we can introduce 1 million people to robotics.

Our vision

Build a world-class robotics training brand that produces top robotics talent and generates life-changing success stories for our students and partners. 

About Learn Robotics

Why Choose Learn Robotics?

Learn Robotics provides the tools necessary to succeed in coding, electronics, and robotics fields in today’s increasingly technological job market.

We've helped students globally pursue their robotics dreams

Our programs change lives. Thousands of students get their start in coding and robotics and launch a successful tech career when they join a Learn Robotics Program. We don’t accept everyone into our Bootcamp, but if you’re a good fit, we know we can help you too.

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Enny Blanc


Working with Liz was great. I've been wanting to get into robotics and now I'm in my dream job writing code for autonomous vehicles.

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"Definitely recommend Learn Robotics to others..."

The meeting [with Learn Robotics] was fun, informative, and interesting. In only 30 minutes we covered a lot of territories. This is an awesome resource! Will be definitely recommending Learn Robotics to others!

"Anyone can do robotics with the right instruction. It’s not just for Einsteins…"

If you’re concerned it will take you 6-12 months to learn robotics skills, it took me about 5 weeks and I was only working on it a little bit. I wouldn’t have picked up robotics anywhere near as fast as I was able to in the Learn Robotics program.

"Liz at Learn Robotics is fantastic!"

Our daughter completed Level One last year and loved it so much she asked me to register her for Level Two. As a female planning to become an engineer, our daughter was extremely encouraged by Liz in her work. She also learned so much and it provided the spark for her to pursue engineering as a career. Thank you Liz for an amazing program!

Rated 5/5
"My son scored a 5 on the AP CS exam because of Learn Robotics..."

Because of Learn Robotics, my son, Allen, scored the highest score of a 5 in his AP Computer Science Class in the 9th grade and received college credit. Thank you. Continue the great work!! 🌟 5/5

Tracy Wright | Learn Robotics Parent

Rated 5/5
Angel P. 👉 College Grad went from ZERO job offers to working full-time at Amazon as a Robotics Engineer

Angel was looking for a straightforward way to get job offers after college. He worked with Liz to secure multiple offers and decided on a Robotics Engineering role with Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, reach out to us at [email protected]

No, we’ll start from scratch assuming you’ve never coded before. If you already have some knowledge, you’ll still learn a lot! If you’re at a more advanced coding level, you can join one of our advanced courses.

No, we’ll start from scratch assuming you’ve never coded before. If you already have some knowledge, you’ll still learn a lot! If you’re at a more advanced robotics level, you can join one of our advanced courses, such as the Robotics Career Accelerator and work with Liz directly.

You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer to complete the workshop. You’ll also need to make sure that your device is able to download the necessary free software for the course. You cannot use iPads, tablets, or smartphones to complete the workshops; however, maybe you can borrow a laptop or computer from someone if necessary.

Yes, all classes will be in English.

Robotics includes 3 main areas of high-tech skills including 1) Coding, 2) Electronics, and 3) Mechanics.

When you learn robotics, you’ll gain skills in the job market today that may help you get a job, a promotion, or a raise – and may even prevent job loss in the future.

Even if you don’t want to get a job in the tech industry, simply knowing how to read and understand code, think critically, and have an idea about systems will be a big benefit to you.

Robotics and automation is becoming more integrated in every field. When you learn robotics, you’ll be able to provide constructive insight when speaking with developers and engineers. You’ll be better equipped to ask technical questions and developers will be able to provide more detailed explanations of technical issues.

If you enrolled in a self-paced online course, we offer a 7-Day refund period provided that you complete the first module and show us your work. We are unable to process refunds after 7-days or if you complete over 30% of the course.

For RCA and other Live Workshops, your payment covers logistics, so we won’t be able to process refunds.

You can read more about refunds in our Terms of Use.

You’ll unlock 1-year instant access when you enroll in the course.

Yes, if you have coding experience, you’ll be one step ahead of most of our students and can learn how to apply your coding skills to physical devices and robots.

The programs are taught by Learn Robotics founder, Liz Miller. She is a robotics engineer with over 10 years of experience in the field of robotics and automation.

For software, you will need to install some programs; however, all are free.

The only programs that requires hardware are our Level 1 and Level 2 Engineering Courses. 

You can choose to bring or buy your own parts, or opt to purchase a hardware kit from Learn Robotics. We have affordable options depending on your budget.

Yes, our robotics curriculum is an excellent option for robotics classes! If you’re a school or organization looking to sign up a classroom of 20+ students, please contact us at [email protected]. Someone from our team will help you with invoicing and answer any questions you might have about the process.

Learn Robotics programs are designed for students (13+), adult hobbyists (18+), and self-starting professionals (18+).

Our programs are best suited for learners who can work independently.

Robotics is more than just building robots: it's problem-solving and the pursuit of excellence

Liz Miller Learn Robotics

I built my first robot in 2008. With guidance, motivation, and mentorship, I launched my robotics career quickly, and had the opportunity to work on top automated systems, globally. 

Robotics is the future. Alternative education is the future. Learn Robotics combines innovation and education with personalized instruction to help you gain technical skills and land a top career in coding and robotics.

If you desire a top career in the robotics industry, we can get you there quickly and efficiently — no matter your background now.

And, if you’re an organization looking to produce top robotics talent, we can help with curriculum, planning, and implementation.

Meet with us, and let’s make your robotics dream a reality.

Liz Miller
Founder/CEO of Learn Robotics