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We’re passionate about equipping you with the right tools to be successful in the robotics industry.

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We Generate Student Success Stories in the Robotics Industry

Learn Robotics was founded by Robotics Engineer, Liz Miller, to help people gain technical skills and pursue top robotics careers they love.

Our students go on to top engineering schools and pursue robotics careers.

3 Ways We Help You

We help our students and partners become successful in robotics.

Online Course

Learn to write code and build robots in this interactive online course. Technical training made easy!


1-Year Access


Level-up your career in robotics and engineering with 1:1 Coaching, Technical Training, and Career Support.


1-Year Access


Inspire the next generation of engineers with the best robotics curriculum and educational programs.



Our mission

We believe that by equipping people with the resources needed to gain technical skills, we can introduce 1 million people to robotics.

Our vision

Build a world-class robotics training brand that produces top robotics talent and generates life-changing success stories for our students and partners. 

About Learn Robotics

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Liz Miller Learn Robotics

Robotics is more than just building robots: it's problem-solving and the pursuit of excellence

I built my first robot in 2008. With guidance, motivation, and mentorship, I launched my robotics career quickly, and had the opportunity to work on top automated systems, globally. 

Robotics is the future. Alternative education is the future. Learn Robotics combines innovation and education with personalized instruction to help you gain technical skills and land a top career in coding and robotics.

If you desire a top career in the robotics industry, we can get you there quickly and efficiently — no matter your background now.

And, if you’re an organization looking to produce top robotics talent, we can help with curriculum, planning, and implementation.

Meet with us, and let’s make your robotics dream a reality.

Liz Miller
Founder/CEO of Learn Robotics

Find your path into the robotics industry​

Book a time to speak with Liz and the Learn Robotics Team to see if you’re a good fit for our programs. We don’t accept everyone, and we’ll let you know honestly if you’re a good fit or not. The best way to get started is to hop on a quick call and get to know us. We’re here to help!