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For Engineering Professionals


Upgrade Your Engineering Career with a $100k-$200k Robotics Role in 90 days or less

This is our premier Engineering Career Consulting program where you can consult with an Expert Robotics Mentor to Upgrade your Career to Robotics in 90 days or less.

Become a “Micro-Expert” in Robotics and transition your career out of “Engineering” and into “Robotics” quickly and efficiently!

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For Absolute Beginners


Get Your Start in Robotics, Coding & Electronics with a Structured Class Designed for Beginners

The self-paced, DIY online course for beginners with ZERO experience who are looking to learn robotics and gain skills by building working robots and a robotics project portfolio.

Become a Full-Stack “Junior Roboticist” in as little as 3 months without any previous experience.

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