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Learn Robotics from engineering experts and gain valuable skills in coding, programming, electronic prototyping, automation, robotics, and more! Start streaming on-demand videos and build your project portfolio, today!

Explore the world of robotics engineering

Before committing to an expensive and lengthy degree program, you can learn from robotics engineers and industry professionals. Gain technical skills on-demand, from anywhere, while building your project portfolio.

Materials Included

Not sure what to buy? Our programs include the hardware and materials needed to build the projects.

Learn by Doing

The best way to Learn Robotics is to build a robot! We'll show you how through videos, demos, and more!

Growing Community

Come for the knowledge and stay for the community. Network and share ideas with students crazy about robots!

All Level Learning

Dive deep with over 100+ lessons designed to walk you through fundamental to advanced robotics skills.

Projects and Quizzes

Cement your knowledge with guides, projects, and quizzes. Walk away with working technical projects and skills.

24/7 Access

On-demand videos make it easy to learn on your schedule. Watch, build, study, and learn!

What Learn Robotics students are saying…

I just can’t recommend Learn Robotics enough. They’re super helpful, no matter what the question. If you’re new to robotics and feeling intimidated, try their course!​


I didn’t have any experience with robotics before signing up. I saw some info on Instagram and thought it’d be a fun activity to pick up on the weekends. I was able to watch all the videos, and follow along.


I started this before my Masters in CS and I'm glad I did. Now I know I want to focus on Robotics. Great way to start without a huge investment.


The course is very easy and understandable. It made me more passionate about robotics and helped me build a clear view of this field. Thank you Learn Robotics!


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Learn Robotics

I created Learn Robotics in 2017 because I wanted to help people gain hands-on technical career skills quickly without feeling frustrated.

No matter if you’re here for a new hobby or a career path, I’m here to help you through your robotics journey.

Welcome to Learn Robotics!

Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer
Founder of Learn Robotics

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Try our 5-day Crash Course

This program is delivered in a guided, 5-day format, along with modules and activities that allow you to gain an overview of the world of robotics!

Check out our Lesson Plan, and learn about the disciplines, tactics, and methodologies you will gain by taking this introductory robotics course.

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Lesson Plan for Robotics 101

Right from the beginning, you’ll learn why it’s important to learn about robots. Learning about robots helps you think about problems critically and can help you get a better job in every industry.

The brain of a robot is built around programs or computer code! In this lesson, we’ll introduce programming concepts designed to get you thinking like a robot!

In the Day 3 lesson, you’ll learn more about how robots use code to complete tasks. You’ll also learn about how Industrial Robots work and how they’re an important part of Automation!

As the robotics engineer, you’re responsible for creating and testing your work. In this lesson, you’ll learn the basic robot control theory that engineers use to solve common challenges in robotics.

You’ll wrap up the course with an exploration into the future of robotics. This module will give you ideas for where to take your career after this course.

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